Norton Internet Security Intrusion Detect

  Samuel Gee 11:45 04 Mar 2005

Hi I have the Norton Internet Security Program
The "Intrusion Detect is in the off position when I turn it on I get the following Popup"Failed to save setting,Please verify your Windows Account is not restricted" The Intrusion Detect then turns itself off and leaves me unprotected.I have tried to get hold of Symantic
but like any of these companies once you have bought it, you are on your own!!!

  Yoda Knight 12:05 04 Mar 2005

try loging on as administrator

  jbp1982 12:17 04 Mar 2005

I have NIS 2005, and wish to hell I never bought it. But I paid for a year so I'll use it. Its a resource hog too....

Check the user accounts on windows and on Internet security, If either is not set to administrator or supervisor as internet security calls it, then you can't make system/setting changes.

Windows control panel, then user accounts, and on norton internet security click the user accounts tab on the left.

  Pete1 12:28 04 Mar 2005

I had the same message as yourself a while back. It was resolved by running 'live update' and downloading an Intrusion Detection Signature file.

It irked me that an element of NIS was not working and I was effectively open to a virus attack, yet there was no warning message or at least a red cross on the icon in the system tray to indicate this.


  Samuel Gee 12:42 04 Mar 2005

Hi I have tried live update! its still the same.
I know it is a bit thick of me but how do I get the user account up for administrator or supervisor?? Sorry!!

  Samuel Gee 23:33 04 Mar 2005

I checked the administrator .I am the Admin
The same thing ,It will not let me turn on the Intruder detect.Does anyone have the CORRECT telephone number of Symtec U.K.????

  pc moron 01:17 05 Mar 2005

Does this help? click here

  Storik 09:21 05 Mar 2005

Removing Norton Internet Security and reinstalling it?

It may be the quickest way of resolving your problem. I have the same program but only have ONE account on my computer, this may be the reason I was able to install everything without problems.


  Samuel Gee 16:25 05 Mar 2005

Thank you all for you help.I have tried it all,took me most of the day.STILL the b....y same. I wonder if Symentic look at these! I wiil go for another firm when this program runs out. Sam Gee.

  sattman 16:40 05 Mar 2005

Try doing a manual live update

click here

  Lettervanman 17:06 05 Mar 2005

Yes Norton can be a pain,but I have it and it is now running ok and does not slow things down!
If you have a problem search for the page which allows you to email support,it does not cost anything,I have had problems and the email support has sorted it out. It is not instant but in my case gave me the solution.

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