norton Internet Security Installation nightmare

  Estel 21:46 17 Aug 2003

Yesterday I bought and downloaded NIS 2003 as an update for a previously installed copy of Norton Systemworks 2000. When I tried to install the product I received a repeated error message - "error 1335 - the cabinet file "Cabs.m47 is corrupt". The installation would not complete. I have never previously had any problems installing a downloaded programme.

I eventually found the relevant pages in Symantec's online help file (not without difficulty - the pages aren't exactly intuitive!) but I have been through all the steps it recommends without success.

It recommended deleting the windows Temp folder. My "Temp" file turned out to contain four system or programme files, which I retained but I deleted everything else. it then recommended a clean boot to reinstall NIS2003. I clean booted the computer but received the same error message.

The next recommendation was to reinstall an update of Windows Installer. However, Microsoft's download website says that the download for Windows Installer 2.0 referred to is unavailable. The help page said Windows installer is also on the installation disc, but my cd for Norton Systemworks 200 contained no reference to it.

It seems as if I am completely stuck with a programme I paid £35 for but which I cannot install. Worse than that, I now find that my version of Norton Antivirus (NAV) that was part of Systemworks 2000 has vanished from my computer. Attempts to reinstall it were met with a message to uninstall it before it could be reistalled! It ain't there to be unistalled!

I now have no antivirus protection at all and at least one of my messages to Symantec has been returned undelivered. What do I do? How do I get Symantec to talk to me? Can I restore my old Sysemworks to full functioning? Can I get a refund on the failed programme

  timothywilliam 22:00 17 Aug 2003

I too have found Norton Technical Advise is poor. However I persisted with a problem I had and eventually sorted it out. My advice is to keep at it and try and get some advisors names so you can deal with the same person each time. That in my experience always tends to chivvy them up a bit.
I do find their products very good.

  Nellie2 22:02 17 Aug 2003

Have you tried completely uninstalling it and starting again?? By completely I mean removing all keys from the registry too. (Don't forget to back up before you do anything with the registry)
Info on backing up registry click here

It should tell you somewhere on the symantec site how to do a manual uninstall.

If it was me I think I would do a system file check too before reinstalling just to make sure none of my system files were corrupt.

  Paranoid Android 22:53 17 Aug 2003

Norton programs have a bit of a blackspot regarding partial or aborted installations. If you search the Symantec web site for advice about 'uninstalling' Norton AV, there is a cleaner utility available that removes the remnants after a failed install or uninstall. A similar prog exists for Norton Systemworks, and also for Norton IS - the filename for Norton IS is Rnis.exe

Follow this link click here=

The key is to completely remove all trace of the original install before trying again.

Then I suggest you try downloading the update again, as it sounds to me like the one you already have got corrupted.

Unfortunately this goes to prove once more the rock solid value of a recent system backup. (Sorry).


  Estel 20:19 21 Aug 2003

Thanks for your responses. I'm still struggling with the problem though. It seems like there are traces of my old NAV that I can't locate that are preventing the installation of the new NIS and are also preventing the reinstallation of my original NAV. Consequently, I now have no antivirus protection!

I am now getting responses from Symantec but the first line infuriated me. "This installation was not able to overwrite your original installation" If they knew that (Live update must have known what I had installed), why the hell did they invite me to install it? I feel thoroughly p----- off with them!


  Paranoid Android 16:56 22 Aug 2003

Try this Estel

click here


  lixdexik 18:31 22 Aug 2003

I have the norton rnis.exe file to remove internet security, if you would like it drop me an e mail and I will attach it to an e mail for you, it is only 150kb or so and worked well for me.

Cheers Lixdexik

  Estel 16:49 23 Sep 2003

Well, Iv'e tried every uninstall ploy I can find out about and NAV will still not reinstall. I've been trying to get a meaningful response from Symantec for over a month with no joy. I think I'll follow the advice I got on the responses to a question I posed about how to Symantec to take any notice. That was to ditch all their products and give them up as a bad job.

Thak you all anyway. Unless anyone has any more ideas I'll close this thread in a couple of days.


  Estel 21:15 04 Oct 2003

I eventually found an address in Dublin to write to and sent them the whole story. within a week I got a phone call, very apologetic, offering me a complimentary NIS CD-ROM and promising a call from a technical helpline in the next couple of days. That came through (from Holland!), we spoke for nearly an hour at their expense and I now have some more detailed plans to follow and a number to call back.

Someone said if you persist they eventually take notice. Let's hope their advice works!

Thanks again for your help

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