Norton Internet Security 2013 update costs

  compumac 14:01 21 Oct 2013

I have a relative using Norton Internet Security 2013 who has just received an e-mail indicating subscription expired and will cost £39.99 to renew. I have suggested that he purchase the upgrade at £29.99 as on the Symantec website. As this relative is completely non-technical what is the best easily worded description to explain to him the necessary course of action? This is a relative who blames others for his misfortunes and from past experience I am apprehensive of giving him advice.

  northumbria61 14:27 21 Oct 2013

I am apprehensive of giving him advice. And you want me to do it!! I would just tell him that either way if he wants to keep his Security up-to-date then he has to do one or the other or look for an alternative. Personally I would purchase the upgrade - I never pay the renewal" price.

  northumbria61 14:31 21 Oct 2013

Jock1e - Good find. I have just purchased A Security Suite (I won't mention the name) from Amazon at half the price I was asked for "renewal".

I have done my way for years.

  compumac 14:39 21 Oct 2013


Relative does not know you, but knows me!

I had already told him to go for the upgrade.

If I remember the last time I UPGRADED NIS as opposed to RENEWAL, NIS overwrote the existing installed NIS and inserted the code automatically.

Am I remembering correctly?

  northumbria61 14:40 21 Oct 2013

As with the one I have he will probably have to completely remove the current version before installing the newly purchased version with new licence number.

  compumac 14:42 21 Oct 2013


Just read your post- that is a good price.

The said Relative has a habit of not following instructions to the letter as this done over the phone and when carrying out this sort of thing, he goes off at a tangent by pressing buttons to see what if...........?

  northumbria61 14:45 21 Oct 2013

compumac - Relative does not know you, but knows me!

Yes, I was aware of that, just trying to make a joke of it.

As previously said, I would remove current version before installing new but if you think you installed and overwrote the last time you did it then give it try. The worst that will happen is that it doesn't work and you will have to do it the other way.

  northumbria61 14:48 21 Oct 2013

Jock1e - In my case I have paid £39.99 instead of £79.99 ( 4 PC's 2yr licence)

  compumac 15:05 21 Oct 2013


My landline phone has been out of order for over three weeks now, the broadband side is still OK and I responded to his Skype call. - I could claim that my Broadband/Skype is also a problem????

From past endeavours trying to solve the problems verbally for said relative it becomes mind-sapping.

It is just a fact that when said relative comes with PC problem I just sink into misery knowing what is to probably yet to come. Trying to get him to remove and re-install will be a nightmare.

I wish to send him easy read succinct detail as to how to go about the problem.


Light hearted statement.- I know it was a joke. My reply was also a joke.

  compumac 15:14 21 Oct 2013


I too had Norton for years (DOS days) and also experienced incomprehensible problems subsequently after Symantec acquired it. I stopped using Norton as such until about four years ago when reports indicated that it had lost its bloated attributes and it seems to me to be much improved.

I too had vowed never to purchase Norton/Symantec again, but.......

  iscanut 15:52 21 Oct 2013

Why not save money and hassle by removing existing and then install one of the many excellent free ones.

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