Norton Internet Security 2005 with FTP Programs

  A p o l l o 15:35 29 Dec 2004

Greetings Tek-Heads !

Received Norton Internet Security 2005 from Santa!!

Anybody else having problems with or know how to fix NIS 2005 so it can access FTP sites?

I have installed NIS 2005 (XP with SP2) and now I cannot access any FTP sites from CuteFTP, WiseFTP or any other File Transfer Protocol program.

Each FTP Program reports that the connection timed out.

I know my firewall is at fault because when I disable NIS I can connect to my FTP site just like before. And I really dont want to disable and enable NIS every time i want to upload stuff to my site.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  AndySD 15:41 29 Dec 2004
  A p o l l o 15:47 29 Dec 2004

Already done the Internet Program Scan for internet applications. The FTP programs are listed as being automatic access.

  AndySD 15:51 29 Dec 2004
  A p o l l o 15:57 29 Dec 2004

Can you post the 2nd link again as it is not working.

The first link is not helpful at this stage as I do not get a message from NIS about anything being blocked.

....thanks for the speedy responses though :)

  AndySD 16:02 29 Dec 2004
  A p o l l o 17:27 29 Dec 2004

NIS 2005 does not have the option for system wide settings, although I did follow the procedure manually and set up a rule to allow FTP on port 20 & 21.
But this does not cure the problem

  A p o l l o 22:25 31 Dec 2004



  AndySD 09:36 01 Jan 2005

Start Norton AntiVirus. If Norton AntiVirus is installed as part of Norton SystemWorks or Norton Internet Security, then start that program.

Click Options. Click Norton AntiVirus if you see a menu.

On the left pane, select Internet Worm Protection.

On the right pane, click Program Control.

Click Add.

Locate the program executable for the program that is having the problem.
(i.e., cuteclick here)

At the next dialog box, from the dropdown menu, click Permit.

Click OK.

  LinuxPenguin 16:29 01 Jan 2005

When your subscription runs out, dont bother renewing it, norton is popular, and well advertised but ineffective. I wouldnt recommend mcafee either.

What i would do is get a free firewall : zonealarm click here - it takes searching for but the free version does exist on there. Then id download avg antivirus (free edition) click here then id get some anyi spyware apps : click here - spybot search and destroy and ad aware - click here

I know it might seem annoying after having had NIS payed for, but use it only for whats already payed for, after that it isnt worth it.

  A p o l l o 20:11 01 Jan 2005

The options for Internet Worm Protection are not available in NIS 2005.

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