Norton Internet Security 2005 & Email

  Lettervanman 22:17 07 Jan 2005

Posted a similar problem as this last week that seemed to cure it's self,but not this time!
Downloded latest updates from Symantic last night and when finished it said restart.When booted up all was o.k. until I tried to send or receive email.Outlook Express would not do either nor Mailwasher.
System restore got thing running again,so tried update once more,same thing happened.
I have tracked it down to the Firewall part of Norton but can't see what has changed.If I switch off the Norton Firewall and leave the rest of Norton running and switch on XP Firewall everything works!
Outlook Express6 on XP Pro,part of media 2005.
Yes, I know what some people think of Norton,but it has been working just fine and did so on my last system for years!
Any ideas please?

  craig24 22:28 07 Jan 2005

I have used Norton System Works for over 3 years now and never really had a problem, until 2004, when the anti virus seemed to to randomly take control of my system for up to 5 minutes at a time. this became annoying and so i was glad when 2005 was released, my system seemed to be left alone, and i could work work without interuptions, after a month of using Norton 2005 i was told by nice little message box to reinstall Norton and re-register it, this happened for three months in a row, so i decided to uninstall Norton and try AVG, a free anti virus to home users, once downloaded and updated ran a scan, a file i have had on a secondary drive for over 12 months got flagged up as containg a trojan, doubting AVG i decided to check using an online AV scan, which again pick up the Trojan. my advice is to leave norton and try something else, i have had no problems with using AVG

  Lettervanman 23:00 07 Jan 2005

Craig24,I expected someone would say that,having read of previous problems. When I upgraded to 2004 I had a similar problem as you. Norton site said the cure was to reinstall but first to remove all traces of their products. This did in fact work,but what a lot of trouble I had clearing everything from my drive. This was on a computer running 98se.
Did you have any trouble?
I am also reluctant to do this having spent good money purchasing Internet Security!

  THE TERMINATOR 23:12 07 Jan 2005

Have you checked the programs that Norton firewall allows to use the internet, and is Outlook Express listed?...TT

  Lettervanman 23:20 07 Jan 2005

Well,I am in the process of checking everything as you suggest. But as it was fine before the downloaded updates, cant see why settings would change,or have you found different?

  Lettervanman 10:14 08 Jan 2005

I have restored computer to before Symantec update and all is working ok.
The update was Symantec Common Client 628.3Kb.
Has anyone downloaded this latest update and with what results?
May be a SP2 problem,but this computer came with this installed and I installed Norton myself and it was ok up to the download.
I have sent a report to Symantec and will post the results.

  david.h 10:29 08 Jan 2005

click here

does this help. i had a similar problem

  JoeC 10:34 08 Jan 2005

and XP SP2. I cured a similar problem by going into the Firewall > Configure > Programmes. I selected then deleted Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. I rebooted then clicked on Internet Explorer and Outlook Express and NIS reconfigured both. I no longer have a problem, even after downloading the very latest NIS updates. Worth a try ?

  Lettervanman 12:01 08 Jan 2005

David.h & JoeC
Thanks very much, sounds very similar. I will give it a try later to-day.
I don't think that I mentioned that with the update installed when I tried to access the log viewer in Norton nothing showed and the computer froze.I had to press and hold main button on tower as the only way to stop and start again.
Aint Norton wonderful!

  Busy 15:53 08 Jan 2005

Have exactly the same problem with NIS latest update-kills sending and receiving email.Do you have a solution yet?Aint going to fonr Symantec tech support at an astonishing £18 a throw!
Let me know if you crack it?Tried JoeC suggestion,didnt work..cheers

  Lettervanman 17:46 08 Jan 2005

Busy,I have been out all day and was going to try JoeC suggestion on my return but perhaps not now!
I have sent error report to Symantec by email, this is free but may take some days for a reply.
At least I am relieved to find that I am not the only one with this problem!
Watch this space, have you tried System Restore?

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