norton internet security 2004 re-install problems

  Daxsimus 22:30 27 Oct 2004

I am trying to install my copy of norton on a second computer. The first time I did it, it said invalid code. So uninstalled and reinstalled. this time the code worked but wouldnt install all the updates. So uninstalled again as was suggested on the symantec site. Removed all trace of it on hard drive and the registry and then reinstalled. Same thing again but this time it wouldnt update at all and nothing could be enabled or worked. Have settled for sygate and avg. But would really like to take advantage of the software i've bought. Any ideas greatly welcome.

  VoG II 22:32 27 Oct 2004

I think that you need one legitimate copy per machine. Otherwise it won't activate.

  Daxsimus 22:37 27 Oct 2004

Right well dont really want to buy another one. Is sygate firewall and AVG as effective? As it's my sons computer so needs to be secure never know where they are surfing to or what they are downloading.
Thanks anyway VoG.

  VoG II 22:45 27 Oct 2004

Yep, AVG and ZA are as good if not better.

  Daxsimus 23:25 27 Oct 2004

Another question. how can I make sure all traces of norton have been removed from the comp as it is not needed if it cant be installed properly.

  joseph K 23:44 27 Oct 2004

Make certain that you've removed the file in 'program files'.

You should also remove some remnants from the registry, by going to start>clicking on Run>Type in 'Regedit'and removing any references to it from there.

However be careful what you do in the registry, should you accidently remove anything untoward then it can be rather like removing a disk from your backbone (ouch!).

Sorry I can't give you more exact information on the registry, but it's ages since I last used Norton.

  joseph K 23:51 27 Oct 2004

Sorry, having reread everything that was a stupid answer. If you have already removed the file and checked out the registry, then I don't think there's any more you can/should be able to do. Consequently it is a bit of a mystery.

I always found Norton a little temperammental, that's why I've chucked it out. Having paid out for it like yourself I, like you, now use AVG. I don't know if you are using the freebie, but I find that perfectly satisfactory. I know it's a bit galling having paid out for Norton, but I thought it had a really inflated reputation.

  Daxsimus 23:54 27 Oct 2004

thanks. Not too bad sorting the registry i think it is just norton and then symantec to look for using f3 for next entry. Just wondered if that was all I needed to remove. As i might try another install as I've just had an email from a friend saying he has it installed on 2 pc's with no problems. So a few hours of tinkering might get it sorted. Thanks for all the help.

  Daxsimus 00:04 28 Oct 2004

Yes ive got norton on main comp and works fine. That's why i wanted it on sons comp. But have installed AVG and Sygate on his as i dont want to be paying twice for software then renewals- subscriptions. I did encounter problems when i first installed it on mine, i dont think it is the easiest of software to install and configure. Anyway thanks for responding.

  jimv7 00:13 28 Oct 2004

Norton actually changes windows system files which is a bad thing, unless you format 'c' and reinstall a clean version of windows you wil not have got rid of norton.

As VoG™ has said 'avg' and 'sygate' is a better fix.

If you want to spend money and take the chance of screwing your computer................

  Dave21 06:48 28 Oct 2004

I've had trouble re-installing Norton Firewall and Anti-virus on the same machine having reformatted my HDD. The fault recognized was 'Number of activations exceeded'. It basically stops people buying one disc and installing on several PC's.
I needed to phone up Symantec to get my codes re-activated from their end. They are suspicious as to why you need to to this but if you day you have had to re-format your HDD they are OK.
If you are a UK resident you could try one of these Symantec numbers:
0207 6165813
0207 6165600

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