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  Southernboy 16:31 06 Apr 2005

When this PC was purchased new in 2003, my son also bought new NIS 2003. He has subscribed every year and regularly updated every few days.

Twice, recently, the updates have been listed and, against the Virus Definations, there has been a red cross. The Live Update did not install them, but still showed that category as up-to-date. The second time, it referred him to the NIS site and he used the online check to verify his installation. It reported that his Virus Definations were not up-to-date, and gave a link the rectify this. However, this link lead to Live Update, which reported that they WERE up-to-date.

Now, we find this all very confusing and can only conclude that there is a fault in NIS 2003. This program is no longer supported. Would it be best not to renew the subscription when it falls due and to purchase NIS 2005?

I have heard that there have been problems with the 2005 version. Anybody any advice for us, please?

  anchor 16:37 06 Apr 2005

I have NIS 2005, and have no problems updating with Live Update. However, the programme does seem to slow things up.

You could try updating manually from this site:

click here

New Norton AV definitions are released daily.

  Southernboy 16:45 06 Apr 2005

Not sure I understand it.

  mpez 16:56 06 Apr 2005

hi, i have NAV 2002, this has happened to me, kept saying my defnitions were out of date needs attenetion, did all the necessaries but still did not work, so i left it for a few days, turned on and it had updated itself, then last night it disabled the auto protect, and would not let me put the protection back on,came on this morning and everything is back to normal, all i can think is that something is going on at the other end

  Southernboy 17:33 06 Apr 2005

I think you may be right.

I have just used Live Update and it has installed some Virus definitions without problem. Whatever the Norton site may say, Live Update tells me our Virus definitions are up-to-date.

Someone has just accused me of being the kiss of death to all things modern. I think that it is all things modern that can, from time to time, be the kiss of death to themselves. I often wonder if software is released without being fully checked, and the user is left to discover and report the bugs!

  Southernboy 15:36 15 Apr 2005

Virus Definitions had a red cross against it and the message was that the update could not be installed. I was, again, referred to the Norton site which was not interested as NIS 2003 is no longer supported.

And yet, they keep reminding us that the subscription is due next month. They are very happy to take cash off us, but do not supply what we have paid for!

There does not seem to be any point in paying for something that does not work. Perhaps we would be better off buying NIS 2005. If we do this do we install over the 2003 version or uninstall the older version first? If we uninstall, does it remove all the updates and, if so, does it matter if we have a new version?

Advice would be appreciated.

  Technotiger 15:46 15 Apr 2005

Hi, I would advise ditch NIS, why Pay when you can get the same type of thing free.

click here

click here

all free and all very good, I use them and I have not had any problems, unlike so many I see on this forum.


  Technotiger 15:47 15 Apr 2005

sorry - click here (the middle one above)

  Southernboy 13:32 19 Apr 2005

but I believe you get what you pay for.

We would rather stay with Norton if I can get an answer to my question.

  Number 7 13:45 19 Apr 2005

I upgraded to NIS 2005 from NIS 2003 after Windows xp SP2 was released.

I uninstalled NIS 2003 and then installed NIS 2005 with no problems.

All of the virus definitions in 2003 will be on the 2005 CD, but there will still be quite a big download from Live Update- you will probably have to run Live Update a few times to get all the updates.

  PaulB2005 14:11 19 Apr 2005

Check the date / time on your PC.

Recently saw a PC where AVG said it was out of date but each on-line update said there was no update available.

His clock was set to May (one month ahead) Corrected the date, rebooted and everything worked fine.

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