norton internet security

  pat2068 00:05 02 Oct 2003

could anyone please tell me if they are having problems getting norton security scan to work i have had problems with it the last 2 nights i use nis on win xp thanks mary

  hugh-265156 00:19 02 Oct 2003

had a quick search on the forum and only thing i found was update problems.

what is the exact problem earthangle,any errors etc?

  pat2068 00:26 02 Oct 2003

no errors when i try the security scan it just goes on and on and does nothing i had it running for an hour and it dident stop thanks mary

  hugh-265156 00:31 02 Oct 2003

what size is your hard disc and how much space is used.the more you have installed the longer it will take.

i have around 15gigs and with avg it takes around 20mins or so.more than that expect it to take longer.when i used norton 2002 it took around about the same time to scan the same size of files.

  pat2068 00:33 02 Oct 2003

83 percent of my hd is free it is a 40 gig drive thanks mary

  hugh-265156 00:36 02 Oct 2003

an hour is maybe a bit too long.does it show that its actually scanning the files or does it hang anywhere?on previous scans how long did it take?

maybe a defrag might help or if you have other programs running then shut them down first.

  pat2068 00:41 02 Oct 2003

it usually takes about 5 to 10 munutes it is just the last couple of nights i am wondering if there is something wrong with there site thanks mary

  pat2068 00:46 02 Oct 2003

huggyg71 just tried it again and it worked it took under 5 minutes it must be ther site thanks for all your help mary

  hugh-265156 00:53 02 Oct 2003

online scan ah?

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