Norton Internet Secruity Problems

  Rhuddlan 19:58 27 Apr 2003

Hi everyone, I have an XP Home machine and have got Norton Internet Secruity 2003, as well as Norton Antivirus 2003 installed, and when other users are logged on who are on as limited accounts, the Norton software is disabled when it should be enabled, like it always is on my account, as I am the administrator, and another problem I am having with Norton Antivirus 2003 is that automatic updates seem to be disabled in limited user accounts, but when I log onto my account and check the settings for other users, the automatic updates option is enabled, I can't seem to enable this option in limited users accounts, can someone please urgentley help me out, thanks.

  TomG 20:12 27 Apr 2003

I've had the same problem - I emailed symantec who said that it had been reported to them but they had never been able to recreate the problem. The only way round that I find that works is to log on as administrator then either log off and let the limited account log on or stay logged in as the administrator then let the limited account log in (yes i know it defeats the object of having a limited account but hey ho its only software!)

Sorry cannot help you with the updates - have you tried symantecs support page?

  Rhuddlan 20:14 27 Apr 2003

Thanks, it worked, very grateful.

  TomG 20:21 27 Apr 2003

your welcome - but do report it to symantec if you can - its obviously a fault and either they or microsoft need to sort it out.

  Rhuddlan 22:39 27 Apr 2003

Hi all again,
Can anyone tell me why won't the parental control list load when limited accounts access the Internet in Norton Internet Secruity 2003, and is there an option of loading the list on all accounts, thanks.

  TomG 16:52 01 Nov 2003

Sorry just spotted this - in case you haven't tried its best to go to symantec so they know about the bug

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