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  Bobhec 22:37 03 Oct 2006

I have just downloaded & installed Norton Internet 2007,but when i run the full scan it freezes after a while. I have tried starting the scan again but it keeps doing the same but at different stages of the scan. Has anyone encountered this problem. I have tried to comtact Norton but so far I have had no reply.

  Koochy 23:13 03 Oct 2006

All i can say is "DUMP NORTON" i have had nothing but trouble with norton in the past. If you're happy with a slow computer and loads of pop ups asking to allow or refuse programs access to the internet then great use it, but i prefer to use AVG and ZONE ALARM which are free from click here but please be aware when you uninstall Norton it wiil leave a lot of rubish behind you will need to clean out a lot of rubish

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:18 03 Oct 2006

If you are a home user you are bonkers to pay for any security...IMHO. Take heed of the previous reply.


  Bogbrain 00:58 04 Oct 2006

< sniggers> at anyone paying for and using Norton, more trouble than it's worth all round.

  Pine Man 16:47 04 Oct 2006


I am sorry I cannot help you with your specific problem but this message should put your post back to the top of the list and maybe someone will try and help.

It must be really frustrating, having paid for Norton and asked for help and the first three replies you get tell you it's rubbish.

Not very helpful at all!

And not what you would expect from this excellent forum.

  Lettervanman 17:12 04 Oct 2006

I agree with Pine Man.However, Norton can be a real pain when it plays up.Their site has many pages of help (perhaps thats not a good sign).
I have in the past contacted them by email and had problems resolved (free). It can take a while to get a reply!
I do not wish to enter a debate about the pros and cons,we are all entitled to use what we want.
But for the record,it does not slow by computer by any noticible degree and I don't get pop-ups all the time. I have seen posts from users of many other Anti-virus progs.both free and paid for that also cause problems.

  sunny staines 17:59 04 Oct 2006

click here

use the link i have provided for free livetime chat with norton support. I have found some operators very good some very poor if you get a poor one log back on and ask again.

I like most of norton security [still using 2005], at least give it a go before ditching it.

  LEG 18:13 04 Oct 2006

I recently tried to install Norton Antivirus upgrade in Windows XP. It a. Disabled Outlook Express b. Disabled system restore c. Disabled Windows XP security and d. caused the startup to slow right down.
I have spent the past month tryeing to get a reply from their helpline. I would not purchase a Norton product again.

  Totally-braindead 18:44 04 Oct 2006

I appreciate that what has been said hasn't been helpful to you. I too am an ex Norton user and as such I cannot really help. In my experience either Norton works perfectly from day one or you have severe problems from day one. Sadly you seem to be having the latter experience.
If you haven't bought it, ie if its a demo then dump it as the others have said. If you've bought it then either wait for Norton to get back to you or perhaps someone on the Forum who uses it and has seen this problem may be able to help. Only other suggestion is have a delve through the extensive troubleshooting section at Symantec and see if you can identify the problem yourself.
I haven't used the newer Norton products so I can't help sorry.

  GPC 18:47 04 Oct 2006

I paid for F-Secure online but when I tried to install it, it found Symantec Antivirus, tried
to uninstall it and failed to remove everything. It then recommended that I uninstall Symantec manually but Symanttec will not allow this.
Is this Symantec's way of forcing me to stay with them?
Surely this comes under restrictive practices?
Any previous inclination that I may have had to renew my Symantec subscription is nopw cancelled.
Can anybody advise how to uninstall Symantec?(2005)?

  Totally-braindead 18:52 04 Oct 2006

GPC you should really start your own thread rather than hijacking someone elses.

However, Norton is well known for being differcult to remove. You must first try to remove it using add/remove programs in control panel. If that fails to completly remove it you can download a removal tool from Norton that will do the job but you must use the removal tool for the version of Norton you have. click here

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