Norton int. sec. makes your broadband slow!!!!!

  JO_UKCREW03 18:42 02 Jul 2003

everyone. I am running a Windows XP based system with BT Broadband connection at the moment.
i had Norton Internet Security in my system protecting me from hackers.

But, after a while when I tried to do this little experiment by turning off the Norton Internet Security and then turning on the Windows XP built in firewall my broadband got real fast.

I don't know but before my Norton was disabled my BT Broadband was really slow compared to my other broadband connected mates.(i was getting speeds of about 200kbps-400kbps downstream and 60kbps-120kbps upstream).But after the little experiment according to the broadband speed testing websites in average I am getting 500kbps-530kbps downstream. One time it reached upto 537kbps(but I am only paying for 512 kbps).

I am now in real confusion because if I turn on the Norton Internet Security then i will lose all my precious speed and if I continue protecting my PC with the Windows XP built in firewall I might find myself in bit of a concern as it only blocks inbound connection not outbound.

Can anyone help me or if there is anyone with windows XP and NIS then u can try my experiment as it worked with every single one of my mates!
Please I need some help.

  jimv7 18:59 02 Jul 2003

Use sygate firewall instead from

click here

its free.

  Willow12 19:02 02 Jul 2003

Just tried your test. Didn't experience any difference myself. :^I

  Steven135 19:05 02 Jul 2003

No difference at all in my broadband speed using NIS.

  hoverman 19:06 02 Jul 2003

I use NIS 2003 and it makes no difference at all with it disabled on my PC running XP Home.

  accord 19:11 02 Jul 2003

no difference for me either but then im on NTL 600kb but that shouldnt matter either.

  S5W 19:12 02 Jul 2003

Norton Internet Security, on or off makes no difference to my BT Openworld broadband connection. Are you sure it's not something to do with WinXP SP1?

  hoverman 19:34 02 Jul 2003

Should have explained that I am with BT Broadband also.

  Jomi 19:55 02 Jul 2003

I'm using bt broadband also, how do I do the test?

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