Norton GoBack and Win 98 Recovery

  sallyleslie 20:09 25 May 2005

I wanted to restore my second PC which is a Dell Win 98 machine. Unfortunately despite opting for a full reformat and re-install of Win 98 the machine locks up on rebooting at the GoBack screen. It then continually loops back to the opening Goback screen and despite attempts to circumvent it I cannot get rid of it.

Has anyone had this problem and know a solution please?



  TomG 20:54 25 May 2005

When you get to the go back screen you should get a prompt which lets you into the go back setup/control menu. Select disable go back (or something similar) - you will get a warning that you will loose all the restore points (or something like that) which you can ignore as you are reinstalling 98

  sallyleslie 20:58 25 May 2005

Thanks for that Tom. Have tried it but of course because I have reformatted the drive it can't find the GoBack files in order to disable it!



  TomG 21:01 25 May 2005

If you have refomatted the drivehow if Go Back still there?

  woodchip 21:07 25 May 2005

Goback is not a Imaging Program, It's only like a Restore program when windows is running and it's got a problem. So you can go back to a date when the computer worked OK

  sallyleslie 21:20 25 May 2005

Quite - why is GoBack still there or at least why is a remnant still there which prevents Windows booting? And more to the point how do I get rid of it from this point.

Believe me if I could make GoBack open and revert the drive I would but that is not an option.



  TomG 21:23 25 May 2005

describe how you carried out the format

  sallyleslie 21:26 25 May 2005

V lazily! Stuffed in Dell Recovery Disk and chose reformat and re-install option! I have cleaned up the old machine that way before with GoBack already installed so had no reason to believe it wouldn't work again. It is my back-up PC but comes in useful if I want to use some old pre-XP hardware for a specific task like using my old digital recorder.

  TomG 21:33 25 May 2005

should have worked - can you get into DOS

  sallyleslie 21:40 25 May 2005

Yes - can't Quite remember how I did it but I could get it to that point with a bit of fiddling

  TomG 21:48 25 May 2005

usually you use a startup disk

This is the bit I'm a bit hazy on - you will have to use dos commands to find the norton files and delete them - i presume you have tried more than once to restore?

What about if you formatted the drive using FDisk could you use the restore disk? I suppose you must be able - what if you had to have a new disk?

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