Norton GoBack v System Restore

  Enoch 11:14 22 Apr 2005

I have installed Norton GoBack on my PC (running XP home). When installing GoBack, System Restore is disabled. After installing GoBack I can only get one days of history within GoBack. I would like to have a further protection regards length of history. Does anybody know whether I can now enable System Restore and have both working on my PC.

I appreciate they are similar programmes, System Restore does not touch MY files whereas GoBack includes MY files

Advice wuld be appreciated

  gudgulf 11:46 22 Apr 2005

Is there no setting in Go Back that allows you to use more disc space?.That would allow more restore points.I'm not sure if Windows own System Restore actually conflicts with Go Back.A quick Google does not suggest anything other than the fact that Go Back disables System Restore by default.The only thing to bear in mind is hard drive usage.You will need around 20% of your capacity to run both programs....more if you want a lot of restore points.

  Enoch 12:12 22 Apr 2005


I have a Laptop with 60gig capacity, my own usage is 11gigs, after installing GoBack my usage is 19gigs. I have free space of 37gigs. Does this info help with your advice

  gudgulf 12:21 22 Apr 2005

It's entirely up to you....if you have enough free space then go ahead and try running both together if you wish......I only pointed that out because it's easy to overlook or not realise just how much space is required for these programs.

  Enoch 12:58 22 Apr 2005

My only worry is that one programme will effect the other and leave NO restore at all. My problem is that GoBack only save history for ONE day

Regarding the point about free space, I realise what you meant about overlooking space requirements. I can check this regularly.

But I do not know, (without experimenting) would the two programmes (System Restore and GoBack)get corrupted by each other?

  gudgulf 13:14 22 Apr 2005

How long ago did you install GoBack?.Has it had time to build up its restore points? It is a couple of years since I tried GoBack (Didn't like it ).I've since used System restore allied to a full system backup on a seperate hard drive using Acronis True Image.

I'm hoping someone who uses the current version of GoBack will read this and have some better advice for you,

  realist 13:33 22 Apr 2005

These programs, Go Back and System Restore are not intended to be complimentary, the idea is you choose to use one or the other, and there has been much discussion here as to their respective merits.
As regards Go Back "history", the time span of data available for retrieval will be determined by file sizes of the data logged/relative to the allocated disc space. Indeed, you can find logging has been suspended during a period of intense file activity which can leave you with nowhere to go back to!

  stylehurst 13:59 22 Apr 2005

Having tried both Go Back & System restore, and not liked either, I'm like gudulph and have resorted to using Acronis Tru Image on a separate HDD; gives much better security

  Enoch 14:36 22 Apr 2005

gudgulf, I bought GoBack last week and had installed it using "recommended" size after closing down all running programmes first and also, as reccommended, I defragged before installation. Recommended installation did not give enough history so I uninstalled then re-installed using "Custom" install and I took the maximum amount offered of 8000mb. It was three days ago. On checking yesterday, the earliest pont of GoBack was the installation time. On checking today, it is only going back until yesterday, so the first days points are not available, only yesterdays.

I bought GoBack because I found System Restore to be unreliable. If I experimented after making a restore point, it worked fine. However, twice I used System Restore because I had a problem it came up with the answer that System Restore could not restore to the time required. I felt that I should have more protection which is why I bought GoBack

I still hope that someone will advise me if I can have the two "System Restore" and GoBack" running alongside each other without a problem

  Enoch 14:36 22 Apr 2005

PS: I do back up my own files onto a CD using the Grandfather, Father and son principle over three CD at separate times and days

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