Norton Ghost and Win XP

  rpj 13:00 06 Dec 2003

I have just discovered the joy of cloning my HDD using Norton Ghost, if anything goes wrong I have a bootable copy of my HDD (of course anything I have done since cloning is lost, but that's better than losing it all).

Then I installed XP and the clone will not boot. I assume this is deliberate Microsoft policy, but what a pain!

Is there any way round this? or do I have to use Norton Ghost to Image the HDD (which is OK but not as useful)?

  cycoze 14:05 06 Dec 2003

I am confused to what you have done , you say you have cloned the HDD , what have you cloned it to ? another HDD or an image ? both can be done .

You then say you installed XP and the clone will not boot , which HDD have you installed XP? the cloned HDD? do you mean you have reformatted the original ?

Normally a cloned HDD would be swapped over with the original say if the original died , or if the original became corrupted , you could replace it from a cloned image or drive .

Can you be more specific to what you have done .

  rpj 16:42 07 Dec 2003

Sorry about that, having re-read the original post I can see it is a bit confusing.

When I was running 98SE I was using Ghost to clone my No.1 HDD (which is inside the computer) to the No.2 HDD (which is a caddy mounted, removable drive of the same size). The computer booted from both HDDs

I have now installed XP and have cloned the No1. HDD to the No.2 HDD. No 2 will now not boot.

It looks as though XP will only boot from the HDD it was originally installed on.

  cycoze 19:50 07 Dec 2003

Unfortunatly i do not know much about dual booting , hopefully someone else will see this thread and try to help you with it.

Assuming No.2 HDD was formatted before the cloning , it should be able to boot .

Out of interest , whe it was working with 98SE , how did you get it to boot from the second drive ?

I have cloned drives myself , however i have tested the clone by setting it to "master" , once it has been checked , its been disconnected until it might be required.

What version of Ghost are you using. I have a feeling that only the 2003 edition is compatible with XP.

  rpj 15:52 09 Dec 2003

This isn't really to do with dual booting. It is about making backup disc which is bootable. But thanks for your interest.

I'm using Ghost 2002. Ghost works fine. I suspect that it is XP which won't allow the system to boot from more than one disc. It will only allow Windows to boot from the original disc it was installed on.

Thanks - looks like I'm stuck with Image and Restore.

  jimv7 18:49 09 Dec 2003

Xp will only boot from the master disk, if you have more than 1 copy you are heading for problems.

To run a ghost between 2 hard drives, source on the ide master and the destination drive as master on the 2nd ide channel, disconnect the 2nd drive before rebooting after the image transfer has been done.

  rpj 10:27 10 Dec 2003


You win today's star prize. I really should have thought of it myself...

I removed the HDD from the caddy which is connected to IDE2 and plugged it into IDE1 and it boots.

Many thanks.

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