Norton Ghost vs Norton GoBack

  jim1947 17:45 26 Mar 2004

I have Norton GoBack supplied with Norton Systemworks. What's the difference between the two, and would it be worthwhile buying Ghost, or are the two the same.

  Totally-braindead 17:55 26 Mar 2004

GoBack and Ghost are totally different programs. GoBack you already know about I presume as you have it. Ghost is for backing up you entire hard drive for either security or for putting your OS and files on to a new hard drive.

  GaT7 18:13 26 Mar 2004

GoBack works continuously in the background 'backing up' your system every few minutes as you use your PC. You can revert back to a 'good' point in case of your PC not starting &/or behaving badly after a recent install/uninstall. GoBack is similar to System Restore (SR), so if you are using a version of Windows with SR it's not required. Having said that, each program has it's own pros & cons - some prefer one over the other. (Consider also the Deluxe version of Goback as it has some rather useful features.)

Ghost on the other hand is disk-imaging sw. You manually take an 'image' of your System/partition to restore whenever a disaster occurs. It takes an identical image of your system, so at time of imaging saves all the warts & all. You can store the backup image on another hard disk, another partition of the same hard disk or on removable media. Restoring is quite easy too.

Return Norton SystemWorks (NSW), if you can & exchange it for the Pro version as NSW Pro also contains Ghost. May I ask where you purchased your NSW? You can get a Pro version for £8-10 from eBay. If you need further help, please post back. Regards, G

  jim1947 20:22 26 Mar 2004

Thanks for the answers to my question, sorry about the delay but I had to go out. Crossbow7 I got it from PCWorld, and paid the full price of 56 pound and a few pence bundled with Norton Firewall. Wish I had posted here first. I will probably purchase Ghost now that I understand more fully what it can do, Thank you both again

  anchor 09:40 27 Mar 2004

For more information on Norton Ghost 2003

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For very good interactive tutorials:

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