Norton Ghost Ver 9

  Dekka123 01:03 25 Jul 2005

I have norton Ghost 2003 and I would like to purchase Ver 9.0 Would I have to uninstall my present ver before installing the new version. Would I be able to use the images I have through 2003 with Ver 9. Thanks in advance

  howard60 08:30 25 Jul 2005

not sure but certainly with ms non of their backup progs work with a previous one. Just be very careful and make sure you have normal readable backups of your data as well as the ghost image.

  mgmcc 14:28 25 Jul 2005

Symantec bought over PowerQuest, who produced "Drive Image" and "Partition Magic". As I understand it, Norton Ghost 9 is essentially Powerquest's Drive Image software rebadged to "Norton" and there can be problems if Ghost 2003 has been used previously in the PC.

In view of Ghost 9's origins, I would expect the image files to be totally incompatible between versions.

  Ancient Learner 14:52 25 Jul 2005

You can use your Images from Ghost 2003 using your Ghost floppy. If you locate the files of the image you want to use from the old 2003 system, when using V9 you are told to use the floppy, or at least, I was.

The problem with V9 is that whereas it will make an image onto one DVD, if the image is larger than one DVD it is unlikely to be able to do it. (I have the medal for all this.) I could have used 2003, but, although it works quite satisfactorily with XP SP2 it wouldn't recognise my DVD driver as it was too new.

V9 is nice in that you can programme auto incremental updates to a separate partition, preferably on another HDD. I have 2 internal HDD.

I now use V9 and it is successful now that I am used to it; and I have successfully recovered using it a couple of times.

  Dekka123 15:47 25 Jul 2005

Thank you all for your input. I think I will stay with 2003 for the time being. It works fine but the incremental back ups would have been useful. Thanks again.

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