Norton Ghost slow transfer speed

  [DELETED] 20:52 16 Sep 2003

Norton Ghost 2003 for Windows 2000/NT/Me/98/XP, latest update installed.
Operating system Ghost installed on: Windows XP
Operating system being cloned/imaged: Windows XP
File system being cloned/imaged: NTFS

First backup of complete system from PC hard drive to Iomega external hard drive via USB2 connection.

1st problem - had to reformat Iomega drive to NTFS from FAT32. No mention of this potential problem in the Ghost docs. Ghost would not
work untill this was done.

2nd problem. 52GB to be copied. Backup took 16 hours! Transfer rate was only 60mb/min when usb2 transfer rate should have been 480mb/min.

All anti-virus software was disabled prior to transfer (made no difference) as were other automated spyware checkers.

3rd Problem. If I had known that I could not remove items within images I probably would not have backed up my whole hard drive! My intention was to backup completely them remove non-essential programs. Ah well.

Problem 2 is the one I'd really like an asnswer to as I'd like to do the process again to overcome problem 3.

When I use the iomega back up software (very good) this transfers at around 200mb/min as apposed to Ghosts 50mb/min, so its not the cable!

  [DELETED] 19:19 17 Sep 2003

Obviously a boring question, but has anyone some kind words?

  [DELETED] 23:13 17 Sep 2003

Reading some more, it would appear that 50 to 60 mb/min sustained is OK. So whats with the 480mb/sec quoted in mags etc.?

Any technical people out there with simple answers? Please...

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