Norton Ghost restore anxieties

  richierich 12:47 01 Nov 2003

Having backed up my pc onto six dvds I thought it would be a good idea to test them by reinstalling from them on a spare hard drive (after all backups are no good if they dont work.)
Following the prompts I restored up to disk no.3 all seemed ok until I put in no.4. it couldnt read it.
I started again from begining but again stalled at no.4.
Assuming there was a write error on no4 does this mean I have to again make a complete set of six dvds or is there a way of just remaking no.4.
Also how do you avoid this problem, I wouldnt have known any errors until I tried to reinstall.
I know you can varify the data afterwards but it will still mean wasted disks

  Peter 13:59 01 Nov 2003


I think you will need to start the complete backup again.

6 DVDs? That seems rather a lot of data to backup. That's over 25 Gig compressed or about 50 Gig uncompressed. Have you tried clearing out any unwanted rubbish and emptying the recycle bin before doing a backup? Perhaps you need to partition your hard drive and organise your files to make your backup into several smaller backups, which will be easier to deal with.

Sorry if this doesn't seem much help, but a 50 Gig data backup seems a bit much at one go.


  richierich 16:15 01 Nov 2003

I know its large but I just wanted a complete disk image without having to partition things up, I thought that was the idea of ghost.
I can easily back up the folders and files onto cds, but I wanted to just take the whole disk image and be able to dump it on another hardrive complete with operating system, drivers and data.

  Sapins 19:04 01 Nov 2003

You didn't start this last night? 31st!! ;-)

  mulligan 20:00 01 Nov 2003

Why not just clone existing hard drive directly to spare hard drive using ghost and then keep this as the backup?

  Peter 21:42 01 Nov 2003


mulligan's suggestion sounds like a good one to me as long as the backup is not a security backup. Alternatively you should remove the spare hard drive and store it separately from the PC. Otherwise, if your PC was to be stolen, you would lose your backup as well.


  richierich 09:25 02 Nov 2003

Yeah, good suggestion, I wil;l consider although spare hardrive 80gb (min required) ?60 or 6 dvd ?5. ( Im a bit of a meanie)
Also I like things to work. Maybe I was umlucky and it will work next time. Maybe I,ll try it on rewriteable dvds first.

  richierich 09:26 02 Nov 2003

why do pound signs come out as question marks????????????

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