Norton ghost problem

  zincy 13:38 25 Jan 2005

hello there

i currenlty have a 160 ggi hard drive, and have brought a new 200gig hard drive. I want to make the new 200 gig hard drive the bootable one. So i made an image with norton ghost 8.2. However the image doesnt work on the new drive.
My operating system is windows xp home.
Any suggestions?

thanks zincy

  Modo 14:03 25 Jan 2005

SATA by any chance?

How is the drive configured and managed.

Just had the same problem with MaxBlast and had already been warned it would happen with Acronis.

I'm assuming that the OS works and all your files appear to be present

You may have to uninstall all the Office software from the original drive. Run the image to the new drive and then reinstall the Office software! The good news is you will probably find it reactivates without having to phone Microsoft.

I foud all other software except Firewall settings and Dantz Retrospect settings transferred perfectly.

Hope somebody finds you an easier solution!

  zincy 14:40 25 Jan 2005

No it's not SATA drive, it's a Seagate IDE drive. I give that a try as i do have office on my image.

thanks for sharing your experinece.
i will keep trying to get my image to work

  ribo 14:42 25 Jan 2005

I cannot say this will help,but this is what I did when I bought a new bigger Hard Drive. I installed the new drive as the slave and then COPIED the whole of C drive onto it.( I used Acronis and I did not even have to format or partition the new drive)I understand that Drive Image,now Ghost will do the same.I then made the new drive the master and the old drive the slave. Everything worked fine.

  Modo 15:40 25 Jan 2005

I found that if I tried to uninstall Office apps from the imaged drive it wouldn't let me saying it couldn't find the update files (IXP000) even when I loaded the original discs as requested. It may have been my fault in that I may have failed to save the update files with the Service Packs. I thought I had - but I couldn't find them when I browsed.

The only way round was to uninstall office on the original drive. Then image to the new drive without Office. Then install office on the new drive.

As you may guess it took several hours to resolve. & i didn't go the tortuous route I did without researching just about the whole www!!

My findings were that just about all of the disk imaging options are hit & miss - mostly miss with SATA's and especially with RAID enabled. I have Dantz & Nero. Nero is worst than useless and rarely gets mentioned for this function - indeed I think it will only image to an optical disk. Dantz in its consummer version is downright tricky other than for the one touch option it offers with maxtor external hdd's. Acronis seems the favourite here, but it was getting bad reviews elsewhere with SATA drives - which I'd bought. Ghost is not overly popular here, but it may be an antipathy to Symantec products, which I share. I downloaded MaxBlaster 3.6 in ISO format and I strongly suspect it did the same as the paid for alternatives for free.

Hope you get there painlessly!

  GORDAL 19:11 25 Jan 2005

I wonder if anyone has asked you an obvious question? You will have 'Ghosted' the new larger drive by mounting it EITHER as the Slave using the first IDE controller, or, as I do when I use Ghost, keep my spare HDDs set as Master and mount them on the 2nd IDE Controller.

If you are trying to use the new HDD as your boot disk, is it now on the first IDE Controller and is it now set as Master?

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