Norton Ghost & partition on HDD

  Gaz W 18:00 10 Oct 2003

I have a small partition on my HDD on which I intend to store a ghost image created in something like Norton Ghost. What I want to know is, which file system is best to format the partition? I have Windows XP Pro and the file system I'm using (on Drive C) is NTFS. The partition is only 2GB and should be adequate at the moment (newish install of XP with not much else installed). Should I use NTFS or FAT32 to format the partiton (Drive F) with?

If you are wondering why it's drive F, so was I!

Here's what drives I have:

S-ATA 1 - 40GB (pathetically small) Maxtor ATA133 with Serial ATA Adapter.

IDE Primary Master - DVD-ROM
Secondary Master - CD-RW
Secondary Slave - LS-120 (slowing CD-RW down I think so it's going elsewhere).

So the question is really FAT32 or NTFS? Also any ideas why it's drive F and not D, when the partition was made during XP Setup?

  hugh-265156 19:02 10 Oct 2003

ntfs i think unless you want to access it from another older version of windows.

you can change the drive letters in control panel/administrative tools/computer management/disk management right click the drive or partition and select change drive letter and paths

note: i have only done so for my cdrw drive,i dont think you will be able to change C:\ and there may be problems if you do so.

somebody more knowledgeable will help you out im sure.

  Gaz W 23:37 10 Oct 2003

Thanks for the reply. I'm not bothered about changing drive C; I was just wondering why F: was assigned to a partition on the same physical disk drive as C, when usually it's D. To be honest I'm glad it is D because I'm used to D being the CD/DVD drive.

Anyway I'll format it! Thanks for your help,


  hugh-265156 23:47 10 Oct 2003

e was maybe used whilst setting up your install so thats taken at the time,c(hdd) you wont be able to change,d is normal for a cdrom and the next available would be f.

maybe im wrong.

  Gaz W 18:56 11 Oct 2003

I was thinking something like that could be why. E might have been the CD-RW though.

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