Norton Ghost has screwed up my pc please help

  keith-236785 23:37 22 Mar 2005


I was looking through the utilities folder on norton ghost9, there was a prog called Pqboot32.exe so i double clicked and it brought up a dos type window asking which partition to boot so i chose my C: drive (winxp)

the computer rebooted and on checking i found my E: drive had vanished, so i thought i would just go back in and reverse the change, what a mistake.....i chose E: this time and now both drive C: and E: have dissapeared. (i dont have drive D: as it was a sata drive that died last week.)

on trying to check with a win98 startup floppy, drive c is missing as is dive E both giving the message

invalid drive specifications

through fdisk i can see the partitions but they are

31448mb NON - DOS

26788mb NTFS

and 18112 EXT DOS

i have mandrake linux as a dual boot system.

can anyone make sense of what has happened to my computer (i know it was my fault but how do i get it back)

the only thing i can do in fdisk is to create a new partition but this would destroy all my data.

is there a simple (or not so simple) way to recover from this?

thanks in advance


  keith-236785 00:07 23 Mar 2005


  BRYNIT 00:42 23 Mar 2005

A search on the web indicates it is something to do with Partitioning your hard drive. You will find it in programs like partition magic. You may need a similar program to get your hard drive back to a working state. As it is late you may have to Waite later today for an answer.

  keith-236785 01:34 23 Mar 2005

thanks for that, unfortunately i cant get into windows to start partition magic or disk management so i will have to wait for any other advice

thanks again

  keith-236785 08:22 23 Mar 2005

Anyone got any ideas b4 i fdisk and lose all my stuff?


  keith-236785 09:22 23 Mar 2005

forgot to say, i am running windows xp pro but cant access it due to my foolishness.

if and when i do get back in, Norton ghost is

  madzad 09:30 23 Mar 2005

Im no genius, but wont it work in safe mode?

(I am no genius, but Norton suck Royal time.. I had to F disk twice in the past because of Norton!)...

The only reason you don't get a Norton Prog free with a Mc Donalds happy meal is it leaves a worse taste in your mouth than a big mac!! ;0)=

  keith-236785 09:45 23 Mar 2005

lol, nice thoughts m8, i cant seem to be able to access safe mode for some reason...maybe because drive c doesnt appear to exist. it is still there as are all the files, i can see them via linux.

when i try fdisk, it reports what was drive C: as NON - DOS i need to be able to rewrite the partition info but i dont know how.

i will try safe mode again


  jimv7 12:04 23 Mar 2005
  keith-236785 13:38 23 Mar 2005

any of the afternoon crew got any ideas?

  The Belarussian Mafia 14:06 23 Mar 2005

In case you don't have your manual to hand, PQBoot is designed to enable you to switch between bootable primary partitions.

You could try emailing Symantec support...

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