Norton Ghost fails to create image

  ventanas 09:01 03 Jun 2004

Yesterday I installed a second hard drive into a new Dell Dimension 4600, and then installed Ghost. The intention being to create the image on the second drive. However when I attempt to run Ghost to create the image file it goes through all the stages until it restarts in PCdos and then fails.

The log shows that it "Can't find drive with specified disk identification. You may need to load additional drivers to access this drive."

I have specified the new drive, which is partitioned into two, to Ghost. Windows sees both partitions ok, so I cannot understand why it won't work. I do received a dialog about devices that may need my attention, these are a scanner and tablet, both USB. I am told that I may need to add drivers in the advanced settings for them, but I don't see why these should cause a problem, they are not external storage devices.

Grateful for any advice and help.

  ventanas 09:03 03 Jun 2004

Absolutely no idea why this posting has appeared three times.

  jimv7 10:07 03 Jun 2004

Use ghost tools to create a boot floppy, boot from the floppy and do your imaging from dos.

  jimv7 10:09 03 Jun 2004

On another thought, have you formatted the 2nd drive, and which version of ghost are you using.

  ventanas 10:15 03 Jun 2004

Yes. Formatted to NTFS. Using Ghost 2003. This will backup to NTFS according to the info that came with it.

I have discovered that although the image can be saved to NTFS the log file cannot, and this may be where my problem lies. I may need a command switch to direct the log to floppy.

Did you make the partitions using the standard Windows tools or have you used a third party toll (such as arcronis)? If you used a third party tool it may be that it tells Windows one thing (hence your partitions show up correctly) but the information is not available to PCDOS before windows kicks in.
If thats not the case maybe try re-installing Ghost.

  ventanas 11:04 03 Jun 2004

I used Acronis. So delete the partitons and start again I think. Next time use Disc Management.

  ventanas 11:14 03 Jun 2004

Deleted, recreated and formatted in disk management. Still got the problem. Forgot about the path for the log file though. I will have to give up for now. Will try again later, or load Drive Image. I've got DI7, but decided to give Ghost a try instead.

  paulj 11:29 03 Jun 2004

had a similar problem myself after my back up hard drive failed and i fitted a new one. i uninstalled then reinstalled ghost and it worked

  ventanas 11:38 03 Jun 2004

Thanks.I've been considering that, But I might go with DI7. .net framework is already on this machine, so should be easy.

  ventanas 12:38 03 Jun 2004

That's it. uninstalled, reinstalled. Still won't work. Going in the bin. Installing DriveImage this afternoon.

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