norton ghost disaster, could you help me?

  doctorhelp 22:34 26 Jun 2007

Dear friends,
i will be very pleased if i recieved any kind of help
i used norton ghost program to save an image of my new windows
but accidently i chose to save that copy not as an image to the selected drive but to the partition itself
so all the data on the selected partition was lost and replaced by a copy of the windows!
iam a doctor and this drive was containing vital informations for me and my patients.
we will be very grateful if you can help me.
best wishes and regards for you all.

  johnnyrocker 00:03 27 Jun 2007

at the risk of sounding presumptious i would suggest medicine and computing need to be kept seperate, what sort of back up do you have of data prior to the debacle? i feel you may have serious problems getting back to a working state.


  Miros 09:01 27 Jun 2007

Have a look a the following:
click here
click here
I hope they can help.

johnnyrocker. I did some work for a very young Doctor who had only recently qualified in the 1960s who decided to go back to college to study computer science as he thought this was the way to go for the future! 40 odd years ago!!

  Diemmess 09:26 27 Jun 2007

You mention [new windows]

That sounds as though you might have an older computer which still carries data?

If another computer exists you have every chance of recovering at least most of your data, but will probably have to accept that any data on that [selected partition] has gone forever.

Are you practicing in the UK?

  Kalb 11:22 27 Jun 2007

You could try the new software in Beta version at click here which is from the same stable as CCleaner and its free !!... I hope its not my records you've misplaced

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:10 27 Jun 2007

If you have saved the image then if you ghost it back to a separate partition you should have all your data. I assume that ghost has copied all the files so just reghost back to another partition or the same one...or am I missing something?


  doctorhelp 14:22 27 Jun 2007

Dear johnny,
your assumption is absoultely right but unfortunately impossible.
computers will be the only doctors in near future, at present they are only the doctors of the doctors!!!
i have no backup, yes you are right again
i'm in trouble already amigo.

Dear Miros,
you are really young, at least in spirit, i hope i have the will of that young colleague
it might help me

Dear Diemmess,
i'm not a UK practioner
i only practice in london!!!
unfortunately i don't have another computer aswell

Dear Kalb,
i will try it no doubt, thanks alot
as for the records
you will find out when your next visit comes
let's hope you're another Kalb!!

your brilliant idea may if it's applicable be my heavenly solution
please explain more what do you mean by saving an image in order to reghost my dear lost partition back
thanks in advance amigo
And for you all
any words will not explain my deep gratitude and appreciation for your help
may be the next time
i will let you help me to choose a wife

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:03 27 Jun 2007

Okay then, you need to tell us how many partitions were on your computer and which image you saved...was it your C drive?


  doctorhelp 15:09 27 Jun 2007

thanks again for your help
i have 3 partitions labeled C,D,E
and yes the image was for my C: drive taht replaced E: drive
oír de ti pronto

  Diemmess 15:24 27 Jun 2007

E: presumably held your data and now holds a duplicate of C:?

What was or is on D:? If it holds the applications, it might have some data as well.

Have you tried "Search" for any data where you can remember a file name or better still a folder name. Search all drives.

  jimv7 15:29 27 Jun 2007

I think you have lost the data on E drive as the partition would be over written by ghost, however a third party data recovery might be able to recover your information, at a cost if the data is important.

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