Norton Ghost copied disk won't Boot

  shamble2 22:49 09 Feb 2005

I am a long way from being a PC expert & I am trying, unsuccessfully, to upgrade my hard drive. Can anyone help?

I used Norton Ghost to copy the contents of my old 20Gb C drive to my spanking new 250Gb drive and labelled it G. I set it as active (which apparently allows it boot the OS)& I remembered to include the MBR second time around.
Trouble is, when I switched off, disconnected the old drive and replaced it with the new one (which according to Ghost is an exact copy) the new drive won't boot after start up. I've used the set-up option on start up (I think this is the BIOS) to switch off Auto-detect for the other drive. All my drives use Cable Select so there are no Master/Slave problems.
In the Boot sequence it starts with the hard drive C:. There is no way to change the reference to another hard drive label. Could this be the problem? When I went into Disk Manager I can't relabel the C drive ( I thought I'd re-name my new drive as C to solve the boot sequence problem.)

Sorry this is a bit rambling but I wanted to get all the info in here and I think this is starting to drive me mental. I appreciate any help anyone can offer.

  pipedream 23:22 09 Feb 2005

Try disconnecting the old drive, set the new one to master just in case & see if that works. I've used Ghost a few times and haven't needed to fiddle with the MBR etc. Have had a few problems with cable select in the past so master/slave jumpers are probably safer.

  cyberphobic 23:35 09 Feb 2005

IMHO Ghost is not very user friendly, I have used click here and click here to mirror the contents of one hard drive on to another with excellent results. Both are free downloads, ensure that you choose the "bootable" option. Set one HDD up as master and the other as slave. Double check very carefully whixh drive you are copying to which, or you run the risk of wiping your existing drive!

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