Norton ghost back up

  LANDCRUISER 13:40 02 Jan 2007

Hi,when i try to back up using norton ghost it starts ok but after so long it will freeze the pc, & i cannot back up to my external drive any ideas ? whats going wrong,using windows xp home & service pack two.

  Technotiger 13:43 02 Jan 2007

Hi, I have never used Norton, mostly because of all the bad things said about it here and on other Forums.

I would advise that you would be better off with Acronis True Image and save backups to an external hard drive.


  LANDCRUISER 13:49 02 Jan 2007

thank for your input technotiger but after buying ghost i will see if anyone have any ideas befor buying acronis,it has worked in the past very well

  Technotiger 13:53 02 Jan 2007

Fair enough, 'tis a bummer though having paid for Norton. Good luck..

  SURVEY 13:56 02 Jan 2007

I have used Norton Ghost for some time now without any problem. I do normally ensure that there are no processes running (and also close all unnecessary program screens) when I carry out my image backups. This is not strictly necessary but I reckon that when carrying out as vital a task as an image backup that you may well have to rely upon in the future, it is worthwhile taking every precaution against failure.

If you have only just started with Ghost and the problem persists, then try uninstalling and reinstalling.

  Stuartli 13:56 02 Jan 2007

Just a thought. How long is it before your screen saver (if you use one) set to kick in?

Might be worth extending the time or, alternatively, turning it off whilst using Ghost.

  LANDCRUISER 14:05 02 Jan 2007

thank survey & stuart for your ideas,i have tried restoring it but this did not work & my screen saver kicks in after 20min,

  LANDCRUISER 15:15 02 Jan 2007

Just tried doinging backup but no joy,got this message error EC8F17B7,EBAB03F1 it says unable to write to file & this device is not ready,unable to set file size& windows said delayed write failed,does this help

  Probabilitydrive 15:51 02 Jan 2007

I have to confess ignorance on the error message but if the problem is Norton related than the recommended options to install and reinstall Norton.
Norton products are notoriously difficult to uninstall, to that degree that Norton provides its own uninstall tool found here
click here

  acein1 18:17 02 Jan 2007

hi ive used norton ghost 2003 since then (2003),and i never have any problems,it take just 20 minutes to backup my 150gb drive, i use a program called "enditall2",to close everything down first. this is my way of achieving a easy backup ok.
1 do a "chkdsk" (or scandisk) when away for your p/c i can take 1½ hours.
2. go online and update verything atv/f/w etc.
3. go offline use (enditall2)
4. run your cleaners (adaware etc)
5. turn off system restore, and sreen saver if
you use use it
6. format the drive you want to" BACKUP TWO"
7. open "ghost" and chose the first option
8. backup drives, MAKE SURE you pick the right
drive to backup for instance "C" TO "D" ETC
ok thats it after 20 minutes (in my case),restart your p/c and enable system restore and make a restore point,i only have system restore running on my "c " drive not on the one i keep my backup on , hope this helps ok.

  Chris the Ancient 19:12 02 Jan 2007

A lot depends on the version of Ghost that you are using! Which are you on?

I have Ghost 9 on my PC and I'm less than enthusiastic about it! It never seems to do whatever I really want it to do. To such and extent that I think I'm going to bin it. And go back to Ghost 2002 which I really liked. And research Acronis True Image!

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