bpzoom 22:47 12 Jan 2004

I have read through all the earlier threads since early 2003, does anyone know the answer to this one please? WINXP HOME, Norton Ghost 2003 updated to latest version. I installed second HDD, partitioned drive C and the new drive and all partitions work well. For system back up purposes, I tried to use Ghost backup facility to create an image of the system partition on drive C to a partition (called G) on the new drive. Ghost fails with error 40204. The error log says "can't find drive with specified disk ID, you may need to load additional drivers to access this drive." Any ideas please I have come to a grinding halt. The drive is new from Western Digital 40gb IDE. The Ghost backup creation process did not, as the manual suggests it should, offer me the opportunity to grant ghost ID to the new drive and its partitions whether that mattered or not.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:22 13 Jan 2004

click here for a good guide to using Ghost - it may have an answer for you.

  bpzoom 10:46 13 Jan 2004

Thanks, I had read that previously, although rather quickly, and did not find an answer to this problem. I am going through it again, perhaps there is a link to somwewhere else. I am reluctant to backup the C: partition to CDs which does work fine, except 3gb is a lot of CDS if you intend to back up on a fairly regular basis.Brian

  mrdsgs 10:55 13 Jan 2004

3 gig will go onto 3 cds if you use the high compression option within ghost. I backed up a pc last night onto 11 Cds and also as you are trying to do onto a partition on another hd.

Are you sure that the partition you are trying to store the image on is visible to Windows in Control Panel\Computer Management\Disk Management and that it has been formatted.

Is it viewable in My Computer?

Has it got the same file system NTFS or FAT32 as the drive you are trying to backup?

  bpzoom 11:33 13 Jan 2004

Thanks, the answer is yes to all your points. The partition is visible, is formatted, NFTS and is usable in the ordinary way. When I created it I made it a primary partion G on the second HDD, but did not make it active as I thought you cannot have more than one active primary partition. The C: partition on the first drive contains the system and is also NFTS. Thanks for the pointer to high compression. the C partition is currently 3.5gb, with only a few minor things I can still swop out, so probably 4 CDs (gulp!).I would still rather find a way to backing up to the second HDD.I checked my Ghost version. It is version 2003.789 and is on the Norton 2003 Systems Works Proffessional CD. Brian

  bpzoom 17:53 14 Jan 2004

I am going to wrap this one up, as there appears to be an answer (not the one I wanted) which should stand as a warning to others who may fall into the same trap. Symantec say their Norton Ghost 2003 is not compatible with disk partitions formatted by Partition Magic.You cannot create a backup Ghost image from an NFTS partition formatted by PM. You must use FDisk. As this is contrary to the advice in the Ghost guide provided by well meaning helpful folk, they have agreed to amend the guide. Somewhow I have to delete my NFTS partitions, and use FDISK from scratch before using Ghost.

  jimv7 18:12 14 Jan 2004

Format your partitions in windows through windows disk manager.

  bpzoom 19:38 15 Jan 2004

I did that and still Norton Ghost will not recognize the disk. I next deleted the partitions with Partition Magic 7, and then tried FDISK on it, and found option 5 is absent! In other words FDISK cannot see disk 2 at all, in order to move to it to take FDISK action. It only sees the primary disk with C: etc. Symantec do not want to know any more as they say Partition magic does not support any 3rd party disk management utilities. I have now reverted to fully working partition magic partitions but cannot create an image of C: on one of them with Norton Ghost. Where I go next beats me.

  bpzoom 23:36 18 Jan 2004

A large slice of the above needs to be consumed by myself. In deference to those people who took the trouble to try and answer my "problem", and to anyone else I might have given the impression that Partition Magic and Norton Ghost might be incompatible, I owe this explanation. The reason the drive was not recognized was because I had forgotten to introduce it to the BIOS, which therefore could not see it. The fact that Windows was cheerfully using the new drive fooled me into thinking it was set up OK. I apologise to all.

  jimv7 08:31 19 Jan 2004

Thankyou for giving the answer to a strange proplem, this may help others in the futuer.

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