Norton Ghost and Acronis

  pj123 17:28 20 Jun 2003

Has anyone successfully backed up their hard disk using Norton Ghost or Acronis. I have just tried both of these programmes. I tried to back up to CD/RW. Neither of them worked. I then tried to do the backup to my D: drive. That didn't work.

So, does anyone know of another backup programme that will backup a complete hard disk in case of failure?

  jazzypop 18:57 20 Jun 2003

I have tried Norton and Acronis, and settled for Acronis. I routinely use it to make an image of my partitions from my internal hard drives to my external hard drive.

I have not tried to backup to CD - with a total of 220GB of internal storage, that's a few to many discs for my liking :)

The external drive has both USB2 and Firewire connectors - both work with Acronis, but I prefer the Firewire, as it is faster.

  jimv7 19:07 20 Jun 2003

Never had a problem with ghost, the 2003 version can run from within windows, set it up, then it restarts puter, and can burn the image either to cd/dvd or 2nd drive/partition.

  rusty 19:20 20 Jun 2003

I to have used Acronis to backup my systems disk to another partition,and for a restore Which it did with no problems.

I printed out the manual and followed it page by page to do my first backup and ever-thing worked well.
I am using the Free version of Acronis.


  pj123 20:00 20 Jun 2003

jimv7, that is exactly what I did. But I told it to backup to my D: drive. I have two drives both 40gb C: and D: Everything seemed to go OK but took an hour and 14 minutes. Now I cant find any backups at all on my D: drive. Where does it put it? I also tried a backup to CD/RW using Acronis which tells me 5 CDs are required, but after about 2 hours with the first CD in I get an error message saying cancelled due to bad media??

  jimv7 21:06 20 Jun 2003

From partition to partition, create image, select source drive, select destination drive, choose compression or not, ok.

Thats all I do, only substituting 'd' for my dvd writer.

Which version of ghost do you have?

  christmascracker 21:37 20 Jun 2003

I use the free version of Acronis and had problems like yours when I first tried to create an image.
Twice it came up with the bad media message.
On a previous thread someone (I cant remember who) said to disable any anti-virus while creating an image.
I tried that and it worked perfectly and has done on numerous occasions since.

  pj123 22:55 20 Jun 2003

jimv7, thanks I will give it another go. It is the version that came with Norton Systemworks 2003. The only thing that isn't installed is the antivirus programme as I have AVG.

christmascracker, I have AVG antivirus runnng in the background. I will give your suggestion a go as well. thanks.

  pj123 10:56 21 Jun 2003

To All. Tried Acronis again with another batch of CD/RWs, still failed, but it did work with ordinary CD/Rs. Problem with that is, of course, it needs a fresh set of CDs everytime a backup is done. Still at least I now have a backup. My C: drive only contains the O/S and programmes and Internet settings and I have all the discs anyway.

Now ticked.. thanks all.

  christmascracker 20:20 21 Jun 2003

Glad you got it sorted. I do a back up to cdr's every couple of weeks, takes 4 at a time but it's worth it.

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