Norton Ghost 2003 and XP CD-R eject trouble

  phixer 22:41 01 Aug 2003

As the title describes every time I try to back up with Ghost one of the CD-Rs fails to eject so that the job can complete. It could be any one of the discs it seems, although I have only got as far as disc 7 so far and have accumulated quite a stacdk of 'bird scarers'. Different batches and makes of disc tried.

I did have a problem with burning CD-R in general where a large number of files of a compilation would prove corrupted on verify. Different files each time. This happened even with only 340Mb being written. This was sorted when MESH technical advised changing a device driver setting for that drive to PIO (from DMA), terms I understand btw.

Nero 5.xx in use on XP Home with Service pack one so the fix on the MS site pointed at from the Nero site was a waste of time downloading.

It would seem that XP has a weekness with CD writing, judging by the comments recently in editorial of a photography magazine to which I subscribe.

The CD writer, a TEAC CD-W540E is not in the list of known proved drives, but heck should I put up with this trouble.

Who do I yell at; MESH, MS or Symantec?

All hardware and software, except SystemWorks 2003, supplied by MESH.

The grim reaper could not hold me so I am back to haunt somebody. ;-)

  pc moron 23:07 01 Aug 2003

Have a look at the TEAC site, I think there's a firmware update for your burner. click here

  pc moron 23:12 01 Aug 2003

Exact link doesn't work- select Firmware from the above link, the firmware update mentions buring issues with XP.

  phixer 18:10 03 Aug 2003

Thanks for your response, have downloaded the update, now what?

I guess that the file downloaded is a self-extracting archive but firmware suggests modifications to a program held in chip to be overwritten or has the definition of firmware become less well delineated than previously?

As I have not, because of the nature of the problem, created a recent back-up, I am bothered that things could go pear-shaped and then the readership of the veterans journal I produce will be waiting longer for their next edition.

  pc moron 23:12 03 Aug 2003

Yes, the download will update the embedded software in your burner.

Double click the file and it will create four more files in a folder/destination of your choice.

Carefully read the install instructions and follow them precisely.

  Mango Grummit 23:43 03 Aug 2003

I don't use Ghost but I have had this problem with Drive Image. Mostly it would be OK but sometimes what you describe would occur.

What I do now is create the image (in 500 chunks) to the hard drive then copy to CD's using Nero 5.5. Never had a problem using this method.

You could try this with Ghost. At least you'll only waste one CD if it does not work for you.

regards, M

  jimv7 08:21 04 Aug 2003

A lot of writer problems stem from DMA (direct memory access) NOT being enabled, if your burner has a fault with this I would look to change my writer.

  phixer 13:24 04 Aug 2003

When appraised of the problem MESH technical advised switching from DMA to PIO.

If to have DMA working with a CD writer requires a change then this should be down to MESH to do, on site as I am reluctant to let it off site before I have had the chance to make a reliable back-up, as the machine is less than a year old and was supplied in this condition.


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