Norton Ghost 2003 Images Won't Restore

  Gaz W 21:06 15 Sep 2004

I need to restore some Ghost 2003 spanned image files (5 of them; one .gho and 4 .ghs) as I had to format today. These have been copied using Nero to DVDs and they are 1.9GB each, except the last one which is 1.01GB. When I ran Norton Ghost from the boot floppy disk and inserted the DVD, it saw the file, but when I click it I get the following error:

"Image File Selection Error (1909)

C:\20-08-20.gho is not a Norton Ghost file.
Or is not the correct span segment.
Task can not be completed."

The full file name for the file was 20-08-2004.gho but it's been shortened because of DOS - could that have anything to do with it?

Thanks in advance for any help,


  Diodorus Siculus 21:17 15 Sep 2004

Do you have a seperate partition which you can copy them to, rename them and then try it?

  Gaz W 21:35 15 Sep 2004

I do indeed have a separate partition, which has been formatted in NTFS. The problem is copying them; I assume I'll need a DOS NTFS driver that will allow me to write to the drive as well as read from it. The ones I've been able to find so far only allow reading from NTFS volumes.

  Gaz W 21:57 15 Sep 2004

It looks like I have to purchase NTFSDOS Professional Edition from click here to be able to do this. I don't really want to have to wait! Is there anything free or a site where I can pay for and download something immediately?

  Gaz W 23:27 15 Sep 2004

OK... it's ever so slightly more expensive than I anticipated...

£469.94 inc VAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It looks like I'll have to track down a hard drive, format it in FAT32 and copy the files to THAT using DOS instead...

It's looking like it'd just be easier to reinstall Windows again... even though I just can't be bothered configuring it and downloading all the updates I've had!

  Gaz W 23:33 15 Sep 2004

Not to mention installing Office 2003 Pro from a CD that I've mislaid...

  Gaz W 23:39 15 Sep 2004

It's taken me long enough to think of it.....

Why don't I just install Windows, copy the files to the partition and THEN try installing it - duh!!!

Anyway that's what I'll do - if I can't restore it I'll at least have a new Windows installation, and if I can I don't have to turn the house over looking for Office 2003!

  TomJerry 23:39 15 Sep 2004

You can run a cut down version of XP completely from CD. Microsoft has a product called WinXP PE (Preinstalled Environment). If you know any IT support guru, you may ask him to help you out.

You can make a limited XP PE yourself. BartPE is similar to XP PE, you can get instruction from click here. I got info from a computer magazine and I tried myself. It is very easy.

Once you have this Live XP CD, you can have access of any NTFS disks.

  Gaz W 23:42 15 Sep 2004

That would be even better - is it free or would I have to pay for it? Is it available to anyone or would I have to contact an IT support guru as you say?

  Jeffers22 00:09 16 Sep 2004

This sort of situation is precisely why I have avoided NTFS. I understand the benefits, but it can make recovery very difficult.

Do you have the option of enclosing the full long file name within quotation marks so that the Ghost DOS can see it in all it's glory?

  TomJerry 00:31 16 Sep 2004

It is free, you just need to follow instruction.

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