Norton ghost 2003 how do I clone HD??

  toni b 03:09 27 Oct 2003

Hello I have just bought Norton system works 2003 which has norton ghost on it I have read the manual and tried to clone my laptop (xp pro) hd to a lacie d2 120gb external hd (NTFS format)with 3 partitions ,I can not get my head round it, i am geting an error message "unable to successfully defragment the virtual partion file.This is probaly due to your disk being to defragmented,we recommend that you run Windows disk defragmenter and run the task again."I have defraged Hd but have not been successful, can any body help?.I find the symantec info too much for my little brain to understand

  bigray 07:41 27 Oct 2003

I use ghost on a flopy, I re start my pc, hitting the delete button when it boots up to get onto the bios, I then disable my hard drive so that when I re boot, it boots from the ghost floppy, (depends on your mother board if you need to disable hd)then follow instructions on screen, when finished I repeat procedure to enable hard drive again, installing from ghost hd is the same, cotact me by e-mail if you get stuck, hope this helps

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