LANDCRUISER 13:00 31 May 2004

I need help,i have installed norton ghost on pc with the intention to back up to EXTERNAL REMOVEABLE HARD DISC but after reading manual i am not sure which progam to go for,i want to install a progam that will back up the external hard drive automaticly, do i use the cloning fuction all the back up fuction or the peer to peer fuction, so that if pc has any problem i can restore from the external hard drive thanks in advance for help.

  stylehurst 13:40 31 May 2004

Use the image function

  LANDCRUISER 14:13 31 May 2004

Thanks for your suggestion,can you say why you think this is the best option,stylehurst

  Chris the Ancient 14:38 31 May 2004

click here

gives a very useful guide on using Ghost.


  anchor 14:52 31 May 2004

Excellent Ghost 2003 shockwave tutorials here:

click here

  LANDCRUISER 19:28 31 May 2004

Thanks, anchor & chris,as suggested by stylehurst i used the image fuction to back up to a external hard drive, although it worked fine it seams as though this is not what i wanted,i want it to look like as if i had cloned it with all the files displayed as if it was my main drive & for norton ghost to be able to update the external drive, is this possible with this program

  Taran 19:53 31 May 2004

You can use Ghost Explorer to see inside your Ghost image files and you can add files to it by using this explorer view.

Are you asking if Ghost can compare the state of your drive to the backup image and update accordingly ?

  LANDCRUISER 13:56 01 Jun 2004

If i clone the pc to external 60gb hard drive will norton ghost then alter the files on the external hard drive as the pc changes its files

  stylehurst 15:34 01 Jun 2004

I don't think Norton Ghost is clever enough for that; if you had wanted that facility you would have been better off using Acronis TruImage.
This program has the facility to do incremental backups.

I started off using Ghost, but changed to TruImage for exactly the same reasons you are specifying.

  Taran 18:43 01 Jun 2004

Norton Ghost can do incremental backups but I've a sneaky feeling its only a feature of the corporate version meant for network management, which is the one I use. I often use this feature to deliver service patches and whatnot to multiple machines over the network.

For that sort of backup routine Acronis TruImage is probably your best bet but I'm guessing you don't want to hear that having forked out for ghost.

Here's an alternative for you:

1. Ghost your hard drive for complete system recovery purposes. That's your biggest step to having a good failsafe if things go pear shaped.

2. For personal data files use Windows own backup Start>>Programs>>Accessories>>Backup and save the results on an external drive or CD/DVD media.

3. Re-ghost your drive after any significant software nevironment alterations.

My own backup routine is simple.

I install all of my usual software which includes an office suite, several image editors, lots of web authoring and programming applications and other rubbish. Once everything that I normally use is in, I defrag the hard drive, ghost the system to an external drive and that's it. The only thing I do after that is take two daily backups of my personal data files then archive the daily backups once every month.

My data is far, far more important than the system it is running on and ghosting an entire system snapshot on a regular basis if I've only sent a dozen emails, written a few letters and made a website or two since the last image is extremely inefficient.

The whole point to ghost and similar products is its ability to clone your drive or create a snapshot of it with all contents. Minor changes are neither here nor there while major changes warrant a new image being created.

I rarely find the need for incremental system backups on personal computers.

  LANDCRUISER 12:29 02 Jun 2004

The problem with using windows backup i do not have it on xp home edition,its only on window pro, but i do have norton clean sweep & they have backup on that,by using this will it work in the way i want it to ie back up as i use pc, will it intergrate with norton ghost clone system ok or will it just do its own thing,by the way,i have heard that VCOM AUTOSAVE will give me the progam that i want is this true

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