Norton Ghost

  bremner 11:44 12 Apr 2004

I have no experience of Ghost but a friend has backed up his machine using Ghost. It has created 1 image file with the extension .gho and eight others each with the extension .ghs

All the files are 1.99GB long.

Are all the files required for a successful restore or does he just need the .gho file and can he therefore delete the others.

The source drive was 60GB in size with 25GB being used.


  mrdsgs 12:41 12 Apr 2004

you definitely need them all, the 1.99 gb files are the actual files that you ghosted and the restore programme will need to access each of them in turn.

You have got 25 gb of date and it has been compresswed into 8 x1.99gb and the .gho file.

If you delete any of the files the entire backup will be useless.


  bremner 13:00 12 Apr 2004

Will pass that on - thanks very much

  jimv7 13:06 12 Apr 2004

Just done a friends computer with ghost yesterday, cloned his 15gb drive onto a new 80gb, works fine.

  anchor 14:11 12 Apr 2004

Quote from Norton 2003 User guide:

The maximum image file is 2Gb, with the first file as filename.gho.

the next is filen001.ghs, the next filen002.ghs, etc.

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