Norton Ghost

  philwane 18:10 05 Jan 2004

Can anyone tell me the difference between clone a hard drive and backup a hard drive in Norton GhostI use Ghost to backup my hard drive but what do you use clone for is it the same as backup?

  MichelleC 18:14 05 Jan 2004

My interpretation is a clone makes an exaxt image, including system files, os, in fact everything, whereas b/up will do all but system and os.

  cycoze 22:14 05 Jan 2004

Clone to make an exact copy of a partition or hard drive onto another partition/hard drive , you could then put this into an identical machine or to use as a replacement if the original fails.

Ghost Image backup can be used to copy a partition as an image file to another partition/drive.

As an example , earlier this evening i made a backup image of my boot/OS C drive on HDD0 and saved it to F drive (partition) on HDD1 , i then installed a couple of new programs and updated them on C, i can now run the programs to make sure there are no problems , if anything was found to be awry , it would be a simple 15 minute job putting the image back on.

  QQAA 20:58 07 Jan 2004

Norton "Ghost" (US$69.95) is one product which covers two common methods of HD backup :

Imaging =>
create a compressed image to store in another HD partition or media (such as CD-RW) for easy restoration of contents when.

Drive Copying (Cloning) =>
Fast exact copying of every single bits in your HD to another HD, and thus arised this jargon term "cloning" as used by people in the IT industry.

You may want to know that Norton "Ghost" (what a lousy name it is) is certainly not the only software to cover both aspects of HD backup stated above. There is a new cheaper (US$44.99) product from Farstone (author of the well-known "VirtualDrive" CD Drive-Emulator tool) called "DriveClone" click here. From what I see, "DriveClone" has the same backup functions as Norton "Ghost" but is much more economical than the latter.

  philwane 08:49 08 Jan 2004

Thanks to all that replied

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