norton firewall problem after liveupdate

  supersonic430 19:05 04 Oct 2004

Please could anybody help regarding a problem I have had with a LiveUpDate from Symantec. In the last couple of weeks I did an update, and as well as the virus definition’s, I had an update to my firewall it was Common Client update and ccProxy.

The updates were installed but when trying to use the web it was blocking all web pages.
I did a program scan as per Symantec but it still would not let me view web pages.I can switch the firewall off and it works ok so its something to do with my firewall, while I cannot view web pages in the bottom r/corner I get a firewall rule popping up for Symantec Network Proxy Service. This is always popping up every few seconds while trying to get a web page, also when I do a program scan it never shows me programs from Symantec or my AOL internet program why is this ?
Could somebody please help or give me any suggestions to what the problem is

Thanks very much

Dell 4600 2.8 P4 HT
512 mb memory
180 gb hard drive
Windows xp home sp1
Norton anti virus 2004
Norton personel firewall 2004

  Sans le Sou 20:25 04 Oct 2004

Have you got last weeks auto updates to 30.09.2004 yet. Sometimes another update puts it all right again.

  Dorsai 21:15 04 Oct 2004

You have not said which browser you use. But it might be that norton firewall is blocking internet traffic for it.

As you say it works fine if you turn NFW off, so it soulds likely that this is the case.

I suggest you open norton fire wall, left click on 'personal firewall <on>', left click on 'configure', left click on 'programs', and then scroll through the 'manual program control' list looking for the brouser you use. If you find it, make sure it's status in 'internet access' is 'permit all'.

If Not, left click on the rather small arrow next to 'block all', and select 'permit all' from the drop down list that comes up.

  Gaz 25 22:00 04 Oct 2004

Make sure when it pops up, allow Symantec Proxy service. It uses a local proxy as a pass thru to check all packets.

  woodchip 22:03 04 Oct 2004

Have you loaded SP2 and is it XP if so it's the XP Firewall that is doing the blocking

  THE TERMINATOR 23:38 04 Oct 2004

Have you tried a system restore to a time when all was ok....TT

  supersonic430 18:44 05 Oct 2004

thanks for the ideas folks, i will tell you what i have tried

1/ Sans le Sou..just got them and the WMI update, whats a WMI update

2/ Dorsai.. AOL v 8, will have a look at your idea

3/ Gaz do you do this? can you tell me how to do it please

4/woodchip.. only running sp1
5/terminator yes, i did a norton GoBack, but i would like to sort out ccProxy/common client

i will go away and try the idea's and let you know......

  Sans le Sou 19:16 05 Oct 2004

WMI only activates when you load SP2 if I read it correctly.

Q: Which products does the Norton WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) update affect?
A: The Norton WMI update will affect Norton AntiVirus, Norton SystemWorks, Norton Personal Firewall, and Norton Internet Security

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