Norton Firewall, BT Yahoo, Outlook, Crashing PC

  dcbg 11:55 19 May 2004

I use Windows XP and have a broadband connection with BT Yahoo. I use Outlook for my emails and calendar because it syncs with my Pocket PC. I have Norton Firewall and Anti Virus 2002.

Last week, I downloaded the latest version of the BT Yahoo software. Since then, if the firewall is enabled, Outlook won't send and receive emails. I've tried to do an application scan from within the firewall, and given Outlook the 'permit all' condition but there is no change.

If I run Internet Explorer after Outlook has tried to send and receive, and the firewall is enabled, then it can't find any pages. But if I run before Outlook, then it will work with the firewall quite happily, for a while and then it insists it can't find any pages.

If I disable the firewall, then Outlook and IE run fine. I've uninstalled the BT Yahoo software, the problem is still there.

In addition, the internet runs very slowly at times. And sometimes, if I connect to the internet, the whole computer shuts down.

This feels like Sasser, but I've downloaded the patch and checked my PC using the MS tool.

Any ideas?

  mdshamilton 12:37 19 May 2004

MS have released a lot of updates to Outlook and Explorer over the past 2 years....have you considered upgrading your firewall to the latest 2004 version via the Symantec site? I have Norton too and it works fine with Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger and Outlook, but I update it via the Norton autoupdate tool every week.

I think buying an upgrade is much cheaper than buying the full package.

  dcbg 12:46 19 May 2004

I have done updates, both to Outlook and to Explorer.

Also, I use Liveupdate each week for the latest upgrades.

Because I've used all the products okay until last week, I think something must have gone wrong either with the BT Yahoo software, or even with the Symantec Liveupdate process.

I don't want to set a separate thread running, but I believe that an updated firewall and antivirus package should last longer than 2 years!

  ugy101 13:05 19 May 2004

go to C:/windows/prefetch and delete what ever is in there, BUT DO NOT DELETE THE FOLDER

  dcbg 13:39 20 May 2004

I have deleted the files, but not the folder, at windows/prefetch, but the problem still exists.

The shutdown seems to happen only when I'm actually on the internet and there's no warning, no shutdown procedure just a total switch off and restart.

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