Norton Firewall - Am I paranoid or not?

  pj123 12:36 24 Aug 2003

I have Norton Personal Firewall running on my PC. When I was on dialup I checked ShieldsUp on and the response was "This computer does not exist". Now I am on NTL Broadband the same check reports "we have got into your computer" or words to that effect. Have I got firewall protection or not?

  BarryKeith 12:40 24 Aug 2003

Maybe you need to check the firewall settings, nothing should be able to get into or leave your computer without your permission, so it may be you have a low security setting that was OK on dial-up but is insufficient on BB.

  WaiKent 12:44 24 Aug 2003

i have the same program but it works fine with me. it always warns me when there is a connection attempted. double click and see if all setting sare ok.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:25 24 Aug 2003

click here to add to paranoia even further.....firewalls only HIDE your ports, any hacker can do a scan, see that there is only one port open and it does not take a genius to work out that there are loads of other ports that are hidden. The numbers are well-known so.....To be brutally truthful there are a number of available proggies that will get through ANY (including Mr Gibsons' obsession) firewall;'TooLeakey' being one of many. In the real world, hackers are not interested in the dross on home computers and there is virtually no chance of one getting hacked. The 'alerts' that some of the more dreary firewalls love, are merely handshakes from othe rcomputers and servers...turn off the alert button and don't bother to check on these so-called alerts.


  pj123 14:31 24 Aug 2003

Thanks Guys. Looks like it's me then. I must say that I have never had an alert from Norton since it was installed. I did try ZoneAlarm for a while but I was getting alerts about every five minutes, so I took it off and went back to Norton.

  DieSse 14:43 24 Aug 2003

Hackers may well not be interseted in what's on the average home computer - but they may well be very interested in putting something of their own on - in order to mount a Denial of Service attack (make thousands/hundreds of thousands of computers flood a specific site with continual requests), or to simply replicate themselves, clogging up the net in general.

As with any criminals, they will always take the easiest course, and try to use unprotectd systems, rather than waste their time getting into protected ones.

So yes a firewall is a "good idea" (as is an anti-virus and plugging known security holes with updates)

Most (all?) firewalls can be set to display or not display intrusion attempts - perhaps that's why you saw what you saw.

Also remember that the msblast worm will have been nothching up intrusion attempts recently.

  Belatucadrus 16:22 24 Aug 2003

GANDALF <|:-)> s argument is fine for knowledgeable hackers who are targeting something in particular and in truth there probably isn't much of interest to them on the average home PC. This will not protect you from some half-wit script kiddie who managed to look up back orifice and wants to be the next Mitnick. The freeware firewall will keep them out, so stay paranoid an ounce of prevention etc.

  pj123 12:44 25 Aug 2003

OK Thanks everyone. I have AVG and Norton Personal Firewall so I will run with that. Now ticked.

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