Norton Firewall Alert Tracker

  swanson2 16:56 07 Aug 2003


Can anyone help me sort out a minor annoyance?

I am running Norton Firewall on a AMD 1700XP, 512MB RAM PC running Windows XP Home Edition.

The firewall appears to fuction OK and the "Alert Tracker" keeps popping in and out to let me know what programmes communicating with the Internet.

Up to a couple of weeks ago I could adjust the position of the Alert Tracker on my dektop by dragging it with my mouse but now nothing happens!

Also double clicking the Alert Tracker which used to manually open or close it has also stopped working!

I have:

Uninstalled and then reinstalled my firewall to no avail.

Carried out a system restore to a time when I think it was workin OK also to no avail.

Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated.


  accord 18:52 07 Aug 2003

have you had a browse of the symantec technical site for any fixes?

click here

  swanson2 19:36 07 Aug 2003

Thanks for that accord.

I have browsed their technical info but can't find an answer to my problem' so I have contacted them by e-mail through the site you gave me.

Hope they can suggest a solution and if so will post the solution on this thread.

  mimo 23:25 07 Aug 2003

hello swanson2..i had a similar problem with n2002.for some reason i was not not logged on as the supervisor.because of this i had no control over norton.have you set up a user account/administrative rights,if yes when you access norton does it state supervisor ?.hope this helps.cheers mike

  swanson2 23:48 07 Aug 2003

Hi mimo.

I am the sole user of this PC and just have my one user account/administrative rights so I don't think this is my problem.

.... but thanks for your input.

  swanson2 21:20 13 Aug 2003

The good news is that I think I've sorted out my problem.

After exchangind e-mails with Symantec and following their advice to re-install, virus check etc. etc. I decided to try and sort it out myself, especially when they suggested I reformatted my Hard Disk?

I went back to basics and pressed Ctrl+Alt+Delete to run Task manager.

I then selected "processes" and one by one selected "end process" on the "image name" until I found the one that was causing my problem.

The file causing the problem was Windows\system32\CTFMON.EXE

I looked this file name up on the Internet and found:

Extract From Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 282599

"This is a file associated with Microsoft Office programmes. It activates the Alternative User Input Text Input Processor and the Microsoft Office Language Bar.

CTFMON.EXE monitors the active windows and provides text input service support for speech recognition, handwriting recognition, keyboard, translation and other alternative technologies."

That doesn't mean much to me but I then remembered that about a month ago I had installed Microsoft Publisher on my PC - I am sure this is what started my problems!

This file is very difficult to remove but to cut a long story short I found the following web site

click here

.... that had a little programme that removed it for me.

Now everything is working OK.

Thanks for your support and I hope the above is of some use to you.


Bob Swanson

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