Norton Firewall 2003 And Printer

  scooby43 11:48 27 Sep 2003

I just wanted to ask my mum uses zonealarm on her computer and I have norton personal firewall 2003 but when she wants to print I have to keep disabling my firewall is there any way to configure norton so I dont have to keep disabling it for her to print?

  scooby43 12:12 27 Sep 2003

I forgot to mention I am using norton internet secruity but just the firewall I unticked the antivirus at instalation as I am using AVG if that helps too

  scooby43 13:01 27 Sep 2003

I also have another problem I previously had norton on my mums but it wont let me install it again it says

Restart required:

before installing norton internet security you must restart you computer to complete an earlier uninstallation, restart you romputer then run installer again that same message keeps coming up however many times I keep restarting the comp I tried rnis.exe but it dosnt seem to even run.

  scooby43 14:27 27 Sep 2003


  scooby43 14:33 27 Sep 2003

I am using a network aswell

  Gaz 25 14:44 27 Sep 2003

Remove NIS using the following program and instructions then reinstall it for your mums computer: click here

Also you need in norton Internet security to allow your mums computer to print to yours is to add the computer to your firewall as trusted, while the firewall blocks other computers:

To automatically configure the Home or Workgroup Networking Wizard:

Open the NIS, NPF, or NIS Pro main program window.

Double-click Personal Firewall.

Click the Home or Workgroup Networking tab.

Click the Wizard button. The Home or Workgroup Network Wizard screen appears.

Click Next. NIS, NPF, or NIS Pro will scan your internal network for adapters. NIS, NPF, and NIS Pro will display information about each network adapter. The Subnet Address, Subnet Mask, and Hardware Address are automatically assigned.

If there are multiple network cards on the network, then each Adapter card will be listed with a different Subnet Address and Subnet Mask for each one. DO NOT ADD INTERNET COMPUTERS, only home network computers and adapters. Not internet adapters.

Click Next.

Click Finish.

  scooby43 14:48 27 Sep 2003

thansk for your reply faz25 ill let you know how I go on

  scooby43 14:51 27 Sep 2003

gaz I have tried the rnis.exe on my mums comp but it didnt apear to run

  scooby43 14:58 27 Sep 2003

I have already run the home networking wizard appologies that I havent mentioned that either I ran the network wizard and it set up the network but I still have to disable the firewall it in order for it to print.

  scooby43 19:12 29 Sep 2003


  scooby43 22:04 30 Sep 2003

anoyone else have any ideas

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