Norton & DVD

  The Dazza 08:53 05 Jul 2004

I know someone who recently installed some antivirus software and was asked to uninstall their existing AV. She did this and her new AV installed ok, however, now when she boots up this message appears "C:\PROGR~1\NORTON~1\NORTON~1\NAVAP.VXD". It says something about windows needing this to load windows, but if you press enter it boots up and all is well - any ideas?

On the same PC she has a CD ROM & DVD drive but when you go into explorer it shows them as both CD ROM drives. You can't play DVD's on it either - any clues?


  sicknote 09:13 05 Jul 2004

This should get rid of it,go Run > regedit > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\VxD subkey
>Click on the plus sign preceding 'VXD'
>A long list of VXD's unfolds.
>Locate Navap.
>Highlight it, and press the DELETE key.

>Close Regedit, and reboot.

  The Dazza 10:57 05 Jul 2004

Nice one sick note, I'll try that. Any ideas about the DVD drive?

  ventanas 11:29 05 Jul 2004

Not unusual to have a dvd drive referred to as a cd drive. One of my old machines used to do that. Should still play dvd's though. You might try removing it in Device Manager and rebooting to let Windows reinstall it.

By the way does it play cd's. If so the dvd laser could be shot, and you may need to replace the drive.

  The Dazza 11:48 05 Jul 2004

I thought that DVD drives played CD's as well. In windows media player it says "no disk in drive" in the dropdown menu in the top right corner, when trying to play the DVD in there. It is in the right drive. Does it sound like my DVD player is dead then or can someone explain this to me?

  SirGalahad2004 12:13 05 Jul 2004

is it a original disc or one you have copied ?

  ventanas 12:21 05 Jul 2004

DVD drives have two lasers. One for playing dvd's and another for playing cd's. Try a cd-rom in the drive and see if it recognises it. If it does then it would appear the dvd laser has had it. If it still doesn't see the disc there are a number of possibilites. Drive completely gone or loose cables etc. They only cost about £15 to replace, and it's a very easy job.

  The Dazza 14:47 05 Jul 2004

SirGalahad2004, It's a copied disk.

  ventanas 15:06 05 Jul 2004

Have you tried an original DVD-Rom disc? If one of those works there is a problem with the copied disc. Simply sounds like it's not recognising this disc. Others may be ok.

  ventanas 15:08 05 Jul 2004

Just had another thought. Is the format of the copied dvd compatible with your dvd drive?

eg +R, -R etc.....

  The Dazza 15:22 05 Jul 2004

Not sure. I thought all copied DVD's worked on PC DVD drives, is this not the case then?

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