Norton doesn't apparently scan the emails

  xquest 10:18 17 Apr 2005

I've just removed Internet Security 2003 and loaded 2004.

The 2003 version used to produce a window saying it was scanning outgoing emails. 2004 doesn't do this even tho' I have enabled scan outgoing and incoming emails but there is no indication that this is happening. Should version 2004 indicate that scanning takes place ?

  anchor 10:38 17 Apr 2005

I have Norton AV 2004, (which I guess is a component of NIS 2004). Yes, it does scan outgoing & incoming e-mails, if its set up to do this.

I see a small scanning notice when sending.

  freaky 11:05 17 Apr 2005

I have also got Norton 2004, I have set it up to scan incoming mail, but not outgoing mail. I did this because it tended to slow the transmission of outgoing mail.

The scanning of incoming mail is automatic, therefore the program does not notify you. It will however notify you if it detects a 'nasty'.

  xquest 16:03 17 Apr 2005

Thanks, folks for your speedy responses. I had a brtainwave - my tests had all involved emails to myself and perhaps Norton I.S. doesn't check an email to the sender. So I sent one to friend across the road, and yes, there was the 'scanning' window.

Problem solved,
Many thanks,
Regards from a dim user,

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