Norton DNS for Windows

  birdface 11:53 11 Nov 2010

Anyone tried this.
Any good comments about it.

click here

  birdface 12:11 11 Nov 2010

Also this one.

click here

I am thinking of downloading both but would like any comments as to whether Aye or Nay.

  KremmenUK 12:11 11 Nov 2010

I use OpenDNS which has also got these sort of tools to stop you going to dodgy sites and supplying phishing info, also to known phishing sites.

  Rob_08 12:38 11 Nov 2010

Just do it manually in Windows , no download needed. Works fine, Cheers.

1.Open the Control Panel from your Start menu.
2.Click Network Connections and choose your current connection.
3.On the General tab of the Connection Status screen, click Properties.
4.On the General tab of Connection Properties, scroll down and select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), then click Properties.
5.On the General tab of Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties, select Use the following DNS server addresses, then enter the two NortonDNS
IP addresses and
6.Click OK until each window is closed. You are now using NortonDNS.

  birdface 13:03 11 Nov 2010

Had a try at that one and it would not let me sign up.
Tried a few times and just the same.
So tried Rob_08's method and could not do that either.
I messed about for a while as I was just copying and pasting before the penny dropped that he had added a dot at the end of the final 1.
but managed it in the end but not sure If it was done correctly.
There were 2 addresses TCP/IP v6.
And TCP/IPv4.
I picked the IPv4 one

And then changed the DNS Server Addresses and not the IP server Addresses so not sure if I did it properly.
I should add using W7 just in case it may be different in that.

  gengiscant 13:33 11 Nov 2010

I use Google DNSclick here

  CFC23 15:35 11 Nov 2010

If you are using a router don't you need to change the DNS in that as well?

  birdface 16:06 11 Nov 2010

No Router.

  CFC23 16:08 11 Nov 2010


  birdface 16:08 11 Nov 2010

Hi gengiscant downloaded the instructions from Rob_08 For the Norton one providing that I did it right.
So will see how i get on with that.

  birdface 09:27 12 Nov 2010

Anyone confirm that TCP/IPv4 was the correct one to change or should I also have changed TCP/IPv6.

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