rotormota 13:37 03 Dec 2004

When I optimize my added external hard drive (g) a message appears stating 'The volume that you wish to optimize is a non NTFS volume. You should run Norton Disk Doctor on non NTFS volumes before optimizing.'

What does this mean, can I make it a NTFS volume to stop the message appearing every time?


  Diodorus Siculus 13:54 03 Dec 2004

If you wish, you can convert it to NTFS - all the message is saying is that you should run disk doctor on it before optimisation to check for any problems on it.

Techzonez - Convert or Switch to NTFS File System -
click here

  PA28 14:06 03 Dec 2004

Be very careful here. When I first had XP I my drive remained as FAT32. I then ran Norton, missed the warning you have picked up, and it trashed the drive completely and unrecoverably. Whether this was a once of due to particular circunstances that I didn't know existed, I don't know - lesson was learned the hard way! I then converted to NTFS before reinstalling XP.

I would suggest that you convert to NTFS (it is far more robust and removes a number of limitations that FAT32 has) but use Windows own defrag to keep it in trim. Norton is good - I have used it for more years than I care to remember - but I now only use it to run the odd check on Windows files to make sure all is OK. Under XP, a number of Norton's (2002) options are blanked off anyway.

XPs help gives you the walkthrough on conversion.

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