Norton DisK Doctor

  Gugs 22:36 30 Aug 2004

98SE. I have been using the disk check/repair section of the above prog. for some time without problems. Now although my internal HDD continues to take around 10/11 hours to complete my external HDD needs 26 hours (repeat 26) to complete programme, with no faults found. Both HDDs 40G : 7,200 Any ideas please?. Thanks.

  smokingbeagle 22:39 30 Aug 2004

Thats all.
Grin and bear it.

  smokingbeagle 22:40 30 Aug 2004

Thats all.
Grin and bear it.

  woodchip 22:44 30 Aug 2004

You could check them in DOS, Like this put a Floppy in the comp, in Explorer C:\Program Files\Norton Utilities\ copy Ndd.exe to the floppy disc. Now go to Start Shut down to DOS with the floppy disc still in the comp. It will be C:\WINDOWS> now type A: and press enter then type Ndd.exe press enter and run

  VoG II 22:45 30 Aug 2004

This IS a joke? These times are nonsensical.

Try Diskeeper Lite - I'm pretty sure it checks your drives as well click here

  smokingbeagle 22:50 30 Aug 2004

I think Gugs is talking about the surface write test. 10 hours is a bit excessive. I don't think the USB disk would work in DOS?

  Gugs 23:22 30 Aug 2004

No, VoG, no joke (except possibly on me) Diskeeper Lite, which I have and I have set to run 'on screensaver' checks fragmentation not condition of disc surface. I'll try Woodchips suggestion. Thanks all. Regards.

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