Norton Clean Sweep

  bamfiesler 12:53 05 Jan 2004

Benn using this for a coupla years now, but not long after the clean XP install, when I use the Fas and Safe Cleanup function to get rid of internet clutter the flag always goes back to saying ".. Drive C has x Meg of which 332KB can be freed, ie there is always 332KB left.

I've matched this value up with Internet History, but there is nothing else left to delete.

Not urgent, but any ideas?

Thanx in advance!

  Peter 13:31 05 Jan 2004


How about using the Tools, Internet Options, History, Clear History - in Internet Explorer?


  bamfiesler 13:43 05 Jan 2004


Yeah, done that. I thought maybe there were hidden files - other than the ones you shouldn't touch - but can't se anything else. I re-installed clean Sweep afew weeks back but there is till this 332kb kicking about somewhere.

  QQAA 18:05 05 Jan 2004

With a few reliable freeware registry/file-cleaning tool available, it is probably not worth the risks to use the Norton CleanSweep.

Remember how Norton Utilities (Symantec) was once well-known for causing more troubles than problems solved, by virtue of its folly with the "Protected Reclcyle Bin" feature.

With its new owner Symantec nowadays devoting its marketing and technical efforts on internet security (better margin, of course) rather than those cheap little utilities, I am afraid there is not much prospect in this Norton product. At present time, I think it is incorporated into the bloated "Norton SystemWorks" as an integrated element.

  bamfiesler 19:47 05 Jan 2004

yeh, I know about Symantec; I've even heard they 'create' virii, and distribute them!

Are you saying I should ditch NCS? Or what?

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