norton beta testing

  sunnystaines 22:48 17 Jul 2013

done this the last few years and enjoyed it. but this year the download gets this error

Restricted We are sorry that we are unable to process your request for Symantec beta products at this time. Symantec screens orders to ensure Symantec does not export products in breach of government regulations. As part of the screening process, your request has been cancelled at this time due to the following reason: There is a temporary export restriction from the country of origin to the destination country. Please try again in 15 days. Frequently Asked Questions About This Page Question: I am accessing the Norton Beta pages from a country that I believe is not restricted. However, I am still receiving the “Restricted” error. Why am I not allowed to download the beta? Answer: If you are using a web tool or software to hide your computer’s Internet Protocol (IP), our servers will not detect your correct geographical location and display this error. Typically, such a tool or software allows its user to surf the Internet anonymously and protect their computer’s IP address. Please remove any anonymous surfing tool you may be using and try our public beta webpages again. To learn more about what an IP is, you can conduct a quick search on a web search engine of your choice. Question: I am accessing the Norton Beta pages from a country that I believe is not restricted. I registered my email address and received the “Restricted” error. I do not use an anonymous surfing tool. What should I do? Answer: Clear out your web history (such as cookies). You can do this by following these steps: Go to your browser’s options (located in the top menu of your browser). You will see options for clear web history or clear cookies. Close your browser. Now restart your browser and visit the Norton Beta Center to begin following our download steps once again. Question: I have downloaded the Norton Beta successfully previously. This time, I am trying to access the Download page directly from the browser without registering first. I am getting a “Restricted” error. Why? Answer: Symantec screens orders to ensure our products are not exported in breach of government regulation. In order for us to screen web traffic on the beta web pages, we need you to register prior to each instance of download. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause however we hope this does not discourage you from testing Norton’s newest beta release. Please register again and proceed to the Download page. We thank you for your cooperation.

i just cannot get passed it, cleared up cookies temp files disabled my normal norton, email the norton link for help which bounces back undelivered, just wondered if i am the only one. unable to post on pca beta forum as not got the software running.

  morddwyd 07:23 18 Jul 2013

Think you might do better in the Beta Testing Forum.

  sunnystaines 07:55 18 Jul 2013

morddwyd thanks i will try that again, had browsed it already but the links give the same problem.

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