Norton behaving oddly; is this a virus?

  palinka 12:09 07 Aug 2004

A friend who finds Norton very difficult to use and seldom updates now has the following problem:
Boot up, all OK; double click on shortcut to Norton - instead of Virus Definitionsshowing date of last update it says "updating", but IT IS NOT, because not even plugged into phone. Then tries to dial (still without phone connection) and continues until switch off the pc. Cannot close Norton as Close cross is greyed out; only solution is to shut down.
Maybe he's clicked something he shouldn't, but given that he has had umpteen viruses in the past through not updating I suspect that's the cause of present problem. Anyone any experience of same, please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:29 07 Aug 2004

There are a few virus programs out there speficly aimed at switching off/using norton against itself (Norton gone down hill since sold on).

The golden rule is Location location location sorry I mean UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE. :0)

Your might need to use some/ all of those AV and Aspywareprogs you downloaded last week.

Best of luck

  end 12:39 07 Aug 2004

???did the Norton come with the machine and is its subscription"valid"?? it SHOULD update itself automatically, assuming that the Live Update is switched ON!!!and I would suggest that it WILL attempt TO update because it knows that it needs to ; AND,, there was a time ??last year ...when an error in Norton's data base gave a wrong Root code for the virus definitions which gave ME a constant dial up box that I thought WAS a virus thing on here. I had to stop it checking for the revocation certificate, which sorted my problem...???is THAT the box you may be getting???and if so , it sounds as if the Norton needs adjusting, as do the Internet properties . then UPDATE,,UPDATE!!!!!! and KEEP UPDATE!!!

  palinka 13:11 07 Aug 2004

thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\, I'm just going to start with some of the stuff you recommended last week.

end, yes , it's sub is still valid, it sounds as if the problem you had is what my friend now has.

Thank you both; I'll get on with it.

  end 21:55 07 Aug 2004

it would be "useful" to know if that DOES solve dial-up box drove me absolutely NUTS ( no comment!!).thought i had got a spyware thingi on here for a long time; then dived down the forum and found my answer on here, to discover that the cause of MINE ws the publishers revocation certificate was " invalid"; as soon as I unchecked the necessary box in my internet options advanced options , the problem was "solved"; BUT, I had reached the stage of atempting time and again to get rid OF the dial up box, and it eventially stopped " fighting me" after about 8 attempts each time I switched on my pc; to coin a phrase, the dial-up box was a "persistent little bugger" that I eventually sussed out and got rid of; once you have the thing "up and running" PLEASE..PLEASE...update , and keep updated by manually asking for updates, daily if necessary........please let us know how you progress(??), or if this does not solve the problem......

  palinka 22:29 07 Aug 2004

I ran a2 which found and dealt with a couple of minor bugs. After that Norton was OK.

But as new subscription was due soon and as said friend has never reliably succeeded in updating in the last year (he gets a virus; I remove it and update Norton; he doesn't update, gets another virus; I remove it....)I've removed it and installed AVG.
I'm sure he'll find that easier to follow.

Thanks everyone.
An afterthought: Uninstall has left behind Symantec Shared; Symantec NetDetect and symantec RootInstaller. There are no symantec products on the pc; can I remove these 3 "bits"?

  VoG II 22:34 07 Aug 2004

If you have a look on the Symantec website, Support, and enter uninstall in a search box you should find a link to totally re,move pre-2004 Norton products.

  end 22:42 07 Aug 2004

that"s me out of a job then!!but..whatever you "go for"...keep updated!!!!!aint much point in having it there unless it is......!!

  palinka 22:43 07 Aug 2004

thanks, VoG™.

  end 22:53 07 Aug 2004

a thought; have you relooked in "add/remove programs" for those bits you do not want??

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