Norton AV should I or shouldn't I

  golfpro 09:45 21 Apr 2006

I have a four year old Compaq PC now running XP home with 512mb ram. I have been running Norton System Works 2002 since I bought it. The last time I wanted to renew my subscription, they said that this would be the last time as they do not support this version anymore, and I would have to upgrade to Norton AV 2006 for continued product support.
When this runs out later this year, I am very reluctant to upgrade to a later version, having read in this and other forums various horror stories on this particular version. Plus I have always had problems in the past with Norton conflicting with other spy ware programs and various software (for instance it will crash my computer if I do not remember to disable some spy ware programs before running the weekly AV check), and support from Symantec is virtually non existent.
I was thinking about going with either Kaspersky or AGV, but which one is the question.
The other thing, before I install another AV program I would have to get rid of Norton altogether. This I have heard is a PIG to remove, what do I have to do to remove this from my computer completely?

  Totally-braindead 09:51 21 Apr 2006

At least they told you they would no longer be providing support, they never told me until my computer got mucked up.
Anyway, that aside, Norton can be a pig to remove. Start by trying add/remove programs, then you can try ccleaner for any bits left behind. If that doesn't work there are removal tools on the Symantec website and someone could supply the link if required. But Symantec only recommend using the removal tools after trying the add/remove programs method and it doesn't work. I presume it works is some cases but not all.

Download whatever anti virus you want to the desktop before you remove Norton but don't install it until you get rid of Norton. I like AVG myself.

  VoG II 10:24 21 Apr 2006
  golfpro 10:57 21 Apr 2006

Thanks TB and VoG.
I am definitely going to change and have a good look at AGV and Kaspersky. Does anyone know which of these two uses less resources that is doesn't put too much strain on the PC like Norton if you know what I mean.

I am also a great believer in you only get what you pay for, so I shall probably purchase the AV program, unless of course the free versions work fine. Do they?

  Granger 11:30 21 Apr 2006

I'm using the free Avast AV and very pleased with it. You can easily configure it to only use resources it really needs to, and it works. Norton AV 2005 uninstalled without a hitch in my case, but the tool VoG linked is also easy to use.

  golfpro 13:12 21 Apr 2006

From what people have said the add and remove facility does remove nearly all the program but it seems there are some bits in the registry which it can not remove, Will CCleaner remove these as well?

  Totally-braindead 13:41 21 Apr 2006

Sometimes it will and sometimes it won't. Sometimes you have to use the Symantec tool to get rid of it.

  Stuartli 13:48 21 Apr 2006

Avast! is free (fpr home use), updates itself automatically and provides verbal and written information that it has done so.

Very efficient and basically looks after itself.

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