Norton AV Old version transfer..

  User-4CC88CE5-DA27-44EE-A0310A8D232498A3 15:34 10 Apr 2004

I have an old version of NAV on my PC (I think that it's 2002 - OEM version 7.07.23D) but product has now been discontinued according to the Symantec website.

I have a good 10 months of auto updates owing, but have purchased a new PC now, so..

What's my best course of action?

Contact Symantec?
Go for some other software for Anti-V protection?

Any help / advise greatly appreciated!!

  Gaz 25 15:39 10 Apr 2004

Try panda antivirus: click here

  sattman 20:05 10 Apr 2004

I dont think there is any problem for you. The message from Norton that 2002 is discontinued is not a problem. Just means you can not buy it, but why would you want to.

The 2002 package works ok for me, as far as I can see it is basically the same, just upgraded. I have just renewed the licence on mine no problems.

Main problem is if you have to re install it, your version requires about 4.3 mb of download to get all the updated definitions.

My advice what you got will work fine.

  anchor 18:00 11 Apr 2004

Just install Norton AV 2002 on your new PC and you will start afresh.

Then connect to the internet, and auto-update.

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