Norton AV Live Update problems - help please.

  Peter C42 08:12 23 Mar 2006

Sometimein the last two weeks Live Update for Norton Anti-Virus 2004 was turned off on the family PC. I have an eight year autistic son who does tend to overdo the point and clicking, so he's the prime suspect.

Yes I know 2004 isn't supported anymore, but with Spybot and Lavasoft Ad-aware as well, I didn't see any value in upgrading when the subscription came up for renewal.

I became aware of the problem this morning and I've restarted Live Update. However when I try to run it I get the following error message
"The following updates have been aborted:
> Norton AntiVirus Virus Definitions has 1 aborted update(s).
LU1875: This update failed during its preprocessing welcome text phase"

I've tried re-starting the PC and re-running the Update - no joy. I've tried the Symantec web-site and I'm none the wiser - the only option it gives me is to upgrade.

So the question is "who's" welcome text phase - my PC or the Symantec Server and is there a remedy.

  bof:) 11:14 23 Mar 2006

Hi Peter C42, you have another option, try a free virus check such as AVG.

click here

look on the left hand side of the page for the free version.

Make sure you uninstall Nortons 1st using the nortons uninstall option.

Reboot you pc and then install AVG.

Also make sure you have a firewall such as Zone Alarm.


  bof:) 11:19 23 Mar 2006

click here

here's the Norton webpage for your error.


  Enoch 11:41 23 Mar 2006

The best way to update Norton if live update gives you a problem is as follows:

Key to web page: click here

Once on web page, key "Download Updates", then key the number under "Filename", then follow instructions.

I had your problem, this way works for me

  Peter C42 09:37 25 Mar 2006

Thank you all for your help and suggestions - just tried intelligent updater and it worked... in the end.

Of course the on-screen messages I received were different, and Norton tried to block itself from using bits and pieces of the XP OS, generating a number of blank screens that led me to doubt my sanity.

We do try various free anti-virus programs on my eldest son's PC's - I guess I'm rather nervous to take the plunge.


  Dellman 23:58 25 Mar 2006

Thing is...why do we pay an annual subscription!!??? I have similar problem...Symantec/Norton Internet Security 2004. Is this product also no longer supported?

  Dellman 00:02 26 Mar 2006

>Which file should I be manually downloading?
>Do I do this daily or weekly?
>What if I miss a file?
>Or are the files cumulative viruses to date?

  Enoch 13:15 26 Mar 2006

On "Intellegent Updater" the only one offered is the one to download. I do it daily, but if you do it on any schedule, it updates to the last update you downloaded, that way you cannot miss a file and finally, the afformentioned answers means it is cumulative however downloaded

  bof:) 10:25 27 Mar 2006

Hi All, I've used AVG free version for years now without any major problems. The updates are also free and regular.

Run it in conjunction with a free firewall sch as zone Alarm and a spyware stopper such as Adaware, Spybot S&d, and a free online virus checker such as Ewido, Housecall, Kaspesky and Pandasoft and you should be ok. I say 'sould because I guess even Nortons isnt 100% otherwise we'd all be using it.

If you look at posting on this site some members have provided a list of all of these plus more.

click here


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