Norton AV detects but can't remove viruses

  Pineman100 10:16 03 Jun 2005

I run Norton Internet Security 2005 under Windows XP SP2 Home Edition.
Today I ran a full Norton AV system scan, and this identified two viruses (details below). The repair Wizard failed to repair the files and recommended quarantine. It then failed to quarantine and recommended that I allow NAV to delete them. This also failed.
So I have the puzzling situation that NAV can identify the viruses but can't get rid of them.

Virus Reports

The compressed file eied_s7_c_7.exe within C:\ is infected with the Trojan.Download virus.
The compressed file ied_s7_c_111.exe within C:\ is infected with the Trojan.Download virus.
(I'm not sure if I wrote down the name of the .cab file correctly in that second report)

Can anyone please suggest what I should do about this?

  ACOLYTE 10:40 03 Jun 2005

It wont delete cab files or commpressed files as other files in side those may be needed by windows,although they can scan in side archives they rearly can remove them if found,if you are sure they are not needed by other programs search for the file it finds and delete it,you may wont to turn system restore off as they may come back otherwise.

  DieSse 11:00 03 Jun 2005

Just try and use Explorer to delete the files in the first instance. CAB files are never "in use", and you really don't want to keep files with viruses inside them.

As has been said - CAB files are compressed files with lots of real files inside them. Nothing can delete parts of a CAB file and leave it working - just ain't possible.

  Pineman100 17:34 03 Jun 2005

Thanks for your advice on this, guys. I have two questions regarding your comments:
1. I always imagined that .cab files only existed on the Windows source CD, and that installing Windows unpacked them. How come I have .cab files on my hard drive? I upgraded to XP from ME a few months ago, and the upgrade created a folder on my C: drive called WINOLD (although neither of these .cab files are within that folder). Could the two files be related to my old system?
2. How does a not-very-expert user know whether the .cab files are important or not? Can I be confident that deleting them won't screw up my system?
Thanks again for your help.

  961 17:39 03 Jun 2005

The WINOLD files are retained on your system so that you can revert to windows me if you wish. Normally if the new system works ok you then delete these files once you decide you never want to go back. Otherwise if there is plenty room on the hard disk they can just remain there

If you have the Windows xp disk then you can always get the cab files for your system from that if you need them at any time in the future

Don't forget to turn off system restore before deleting these files because the nasties can lurk within

  GBL 17:39 03 Jun 2005

I keep saying it try this site and download CC Cleaner it got rid of my unwanted here

Good little program easy to use and appears safe as I have used it regulary with no problem.

  Pineman100 17:43 03 Jun 2005

Thanks. Should I also disable Norton GoBack, which I also run?

  961 17:47 03 Jun 2005

Not familiar with Norton Goback I'm afraid

My initial reaction would be that if it does what it suggests then the viruses will be there too, but perhaps someone who uses Norton can advise

  Pineman100 17:53 03 Jun 2005

Yep - GoBack is like a more sophisticated System Restore (at least, that's what Symantec say!!). It runs under DOS and offers you the opportunity to run it every time you start up the computer, before Windows starts.

  961 17:56 03 Jun 2005

Are you able to deep scan the actual goback files?

  Pineman100 18:03 03 Jun 2005

Sorry 961 - I don't have the knowledge to be able to answer that. I'm one of those schmo's who just rely on the software to do what it says iot will do!

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